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Thursday, 27 April 2017


Last year I posted a bunch of random thoughts. Here's some more.

You are only as big as you feel.
It would be nice if you just let go.
Coming or going, it's never an easy trip.
Make life count, it's all you have.
Be the one who smiles when the world is crying.
If only you knew the real me, we might then understand each other.
I can't complain because I sometimes have pain.
Whether or not you are with me, I am always with you.
Take it or leave it, there's no other choice anyway.
A day is just a day but a lifetime is all you have.
Grab the train or take a bus, however you travel, it will get you there.
If you hate flying then try walking on clouds.
Hitchhiking never was safe, so just because you are old now doesn't make it safer.
What kind of mind rambles on all the time?
It's pointless to worry, but we do it anyway.

Saturday, 1 April 2017


While some people might scoff at what I am about to say, that is okay by me. I do not expect many people to believe that this is possible, however, I am just going to tell you what happened to me.

In case you don't know what I am speaking of when I say visitation dreaming, maybe we should call them after death contacts. Yes, if you've ever been contacted by someone who has died, and this has happened in your dream time, then you might have had a visitation dream.

Let's stop here while I assure you that I am no Christian fanatic. I am not even religious. However, I do have a spiritual streak. 

This type of dream is quite different from the regular dream of seeing a deceased loved one in your sleep. If a loved one that is no longer here on earth invades your dream and walks around or talks like all the other characters in your dream time, this is not a visitation dream.

A visitation dream is most often a one-on-one thing. They come to you, maybe out of the blue, not in a dream that makes sense (if we can say any dream makes sense). A visitation dream is much different. 

For one thing, the person visiting you will have a point to the visit and most likely leave you with an answer to something or a settlement to a problem you have been having. And it will be a settlement when you wake up because you will realize that it was no ordinary dream, and you will remember it clearly. You will remember the vision in front of your eyes. You will remember the way your loved one looked. And you will not forget this for a long, long time, maybe never, and it will probably stay as vivid in your mind as right after it happened. And you also will have no trouble trying to remember. It is like it might have been seared into your memory, unlike most dreams which fade quickly.

Some of the differences between an ordinary dream of a loved one and a visitation dream might be the shortness of it. If you could remember or could have timed the dream, it might have lasted only short seconds. I know my dream did. And, it didn't need to last any longer. The message was clear and it was passed along quickly but so amazingly.

So, I guess it's time that I told you about this wonderful dream I had. I can't tell that there was a story going on and characters interacting because this was not the case. It was alone, no other dream characters except myself and the visitor.

I was lying in bed and suddenly woke up (meaning I was awaken in my dream not in real life time)
I sat up in my bed and there before me at the end of the bed, not on the bed but floating in front of my eyes just beyond the bed, was a vision of my mother. I knew it was a vision because she had never looked like that before. She was clad in white, a white that was brilliant and actually vibrated around her. I never did realize what age she was or what her hair looked like, or what colour. My vision seemed concentrated on the white glow and her eyes, and her smile. 

It was a smile that radiated and instantly set my mind at peace. In fact the whole incident was so calming and so un-earth-like that I had no reason to feel alarmed or afraid. I can't even say that she was of an earthly size, yet her head, which I had concentrated on, seemed of a normal size. The rest of her just seemed to be absorbed in this white, bright glow. 

Anyway, the moment or second that she was before me and smiling at me moved away quickly as she began to come towards me. She did not walk around the bed and walk to me, she just hovered and moved very quickly by my side. I was so in awe that I could not even speak. As she reached my side, she kissed me on the cheek. At that very second of the touch, thoughts developed in my head. No outward words were spoken. I suppose this could be called telepathy. 

But with that very short contact, I realized that what had troubled me for such a long time, would not trouble me anymore. There were really no words, but I had for a long been feeling guilty that I had not done enough, that I was wrong to place her in a nursing home when I could no longer control her whereabouts once she had dementia. Her 'running away', being aggressive, outbursts of anger directed towards me when I tried to tell her that what she was seeing and thinking was not true or real. It was a very long process as anyone who has had a loved one with Alzheimer's or any form of dementia. 

I carried the guilt around for years, often wondering if I should have tried to keep her at home longer, if I should have visited more often. If I should have done this or done that. But at the moment of the kiss on the cheek and the brilliant smile, I was assured that I was indeed forgiven for anything that I might think I had done wrong. 

After the kiss, she receded backward and as she went, she grew smaller and smaller and smaller still until there was nothing but a ball of light which then disappeared. 

After that I woke up in real life. I lie in my bed, not afraid, not frightened at all by the experience. In fact, I still felt that peaceful feeling. It was like no other feeling I had ever felt. And there was also something else. During the visitation dream, there was a very strange feeling of love and peace, the love was so strong that the feelings I was experiencing were nothing ever experienced by me before and it was unexplainable. It is unexplainable to this day. And you can take whatever from this that you like 

However, If you are interested you might want to Google visitation dreaming and read more about it.
To this day I remember the visitation dream as vivid as it was when I had it. I can't even recall what year it was, but I seem to think that it was a few years after she passed away.  I have read that more than one visitation can be had, but I have had only the one, so far anyway. 

It is also said that you must be open to this. I was not open to it at the time, as I had never heard of visitation dreams. I never expected it, nor was I even thinking about her at the time. Odd things happen so they say, and yes they do. Many things that one cannot explain in this life time occur. Many people believe in many things, and many people believe it is all hogwash, or wishful thinking or that a visitation dream was probably just like any other dream only more vivid. I am here to tell you that in my opinion this is not true. You will know if you ever have a visitation dream. 

I can't explain it, nor does it matter to me to do so. I am just passing on some information because I do think of it at times and when I do it is as clear as it was when it happened. So if you have had such a dream, or some other form of visitation from a loved one. Please share your thoughts and memories. I know I'd love to hear them. 

Monday, 23 January 2017

An Interview with a Vampire

Hello and welcome! Today I have an amazing visitor. I have so many questions that I’ve had to edit and cut down on them in order to make this interview short enough. I hope you will enjoy my interview today with a very unusual vampire.
Interviewer: Good Day to you, sir.
Vampire: Whatever.
Interviewer: (fools with the mike as a nervous reaction then clears throat) So, why not start by telling us how you became a vampire.
Vampire: It’s boring.
Interviewer: Okay. Why not tell us anyway?
Vampire: I got sick then woke up a vampire.
Interviewer: That’s it? No crawling out of a crept somewhere to discover you were now in the 21st century?
Vampire: I told you it was boring. 
Interviewer: (thinking this interview was getting boring already) Okay then. So tell us what you did after you figured out you were a vampire.
Vampire: I did my usual routine.
Interviewer: (getting impatient) You don’t talk much do you?
Vampire: (eyes start gleaming)
Interviewer: (feeling a bit afraid, changes the subject) Well, it must have been very unsettling for you to discover you were a vampire. And I think that’s a very strange way to become one.
Vampire: Are you paid to think here or to talk?
Interviewer: (moving on) Most people have one question that interests them greatly about vampires so I will ask it. Do you sparkle?
Vampire (smiles, showing his vampire teeth) Do you want me to?
Interviewer: (Not sure he does, stays silent)
Vampire: (finally speaks) You are keeping me awake you know. I usually sleep during the day.
Interviewer: (stays silent, not knowing what to ask next)
Vampire: (not liking the silent approach, twists uncomfortably in seat) Okay. No, I don’t sparkle. No, I was not upset when I discovered finally that I was a vampire. In fact, I am the most ordinary vampire that you will ever meet. I do not cringe from the sunlight as it has little affect on me. I can sleep day or night, but prefer the day as I like to make love at night with my Lady.
Interviewer: (amazed at the outburst of vocalism remains quiet, hoping to hear more)
Vampire: I have saved many, almost died a few times and I have many adventures. And If you wish to read about them, or some of them, read my autobiography. It’s called The Vampire and the Lady. Now, if you have no more questions, I will leave.
Interviewer: (realizing that this interview was the worst ever attempted, watched as the vampire rose and disappeared in a puff of smoke) Wherever you are, thanks for the interview. I can’t say that it was great or that I enjoyed it, but it was different.
(Suddenly, a large bat winged into the room out of nowhere. It perched on top of the interviewer’s head and shit, letting the interviewer know in no uncertain terms that he had not enjoyed the interview either.)
Interviewer: (wiping his head with a tissue, picks up the mike and says, “I think I’m going to read The Vampire and the Lady now.”

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


I had a dream one wintery night, when the howling winds and blowing snow pushed and prodded around my body. I had been forced to be amidst it to shovel my walkway in order not to get fined if someone slipped and fell on my part of the sidewalk. 
Slogging off the snow and wet clothing, I grimmest when I entered my bright kitchen. My eyes had grown so accustom to the dark, furious storm that pain now seared behind my eyeballs. Wearily, I climbed the stairs and dropped on my bed. Moments later, I found the energy to pull away the comforter and crawl between the  freezing sheets and lay there shivering and grieving over tomorrow's hell.
If I didn't manage to get through it, my boss would give me hell all right for he was one who didn't believe in obstacles, especially when they interfered with his workers. Amid the screams of high winds and the slosh of snow beating on my windows, I tried to sleep. But all I managed to do was dream chaotically between intervals of tossing, turning and slamming the pillows to find a more comfortable spot for my aching head. 
Somewhere in the night, my senses dulled and finally I slipped away to a peaceful unknown in the early sleeping hours of the morning. A place emerged where no snow, no sound, no boss could enter. I seemingly floated toward a bright, red door, and before I could reach to open it, the door slowly creaked and parted. Again, I floated into a room of half darkness lit only by candles whose flickers seemed to wink at me. I felt welcomed there and serenely peaceful. The walls were lined with books in an orderly library style, but the room was eerily empty. 
Then, out of the quiet came ...

I laughed until I cried, exhausted as if I'd spent an eternity talking...talking and listening to my friends responses. I awoke with a chuckle and felt a large smile on my face. The sun glared at me from an east window, and the crystal hanging there spewed forth a multi-coloured radiance over the ceiling and walls.
I suddenly felt sad to have left the book world, but I was no longer anxious about beginning my day. I'd learned something ... something I'd always known but never thought about. My world wasn't the only one. There were millions of worlds ... in books. And each book held many lives, many tragedies, and much happiness. A myriad of problems, conflicts and decisions and in the end a solution. Sometimes satisfactory, other times at loose ends. But an end none the less.

So, what do you think the writer discovered that changed things? What do you think came out of the quiet? I have my own ideas but it would be interesting to see different points of view on what made the change take place. Do you think that dreams can influence our daily life and change us?

Sunday, 22 May 2016


I haven't much to say, I've been away, too long. But here's a poem. 

The World Goes 

The world goes on
But I stand still
In day and night
And always will

As long as time passes
I'll wear my sunglasses
And fill each new day
With the bright sunny ways

But the world goes on
And I stand still
I carry the torch
I climb to the hill

I look down on life
And the world goes on
And the nights are cold
And I'm feeling old

But I stand still
I will never fulfill
My earthly dreams
If you know what I mean

The world goes on
And on and on 
Spinning, changing, adapting
But I stand still

See my new poetry book available most places online. BY THE ENTRANCE TO THE HARBOR.

Thursday, 17 March 2016


When women reach a 'certain' age, it's normal for our skin to change, not to mention a number of other body parts. However, the way we handle that change can make all the difference in how we feel about it right down to how we look. This time I'm talking about colour. We lose it! Yep, all that fresh healthy looking skin takes on a different hue. Hey, it's normal. And when we start to get grey hair, that just adds to the drabs. 

So, if you're not into colouring your hair, whether conventional or outlandish, then you can still add colour in what you wear. Let's face it, some people just get into a rut of the same ole. And, women often end up wearing a lot of beige, grey and other blandish colours.

Nothing wrong with those colours at all, except when your hair and skin blend into them, making you look more like one whole piece of chalk. To me, colour is not just about how it makes one look brighter but also how it makes one feel more alive. And we are alive so we probably should keep acting it. And this is not about acting one's age either, whatever all that is about. As the saying goes, how can one act one's age when you have never been that age before? So, we stumble and move forward trying to get it right for us. And yes, I say right for us, because no one knows what is right for another person. We are all individuals and that makes what we do all different. 

Some of you ladies might be into the new bright hair which can be anything from purple, to pink to navy. Well, maybe, if that's your bag then go at it. If it makes you feel great then do it. Personally, I don't want to. Not yet anyway. Sure, I'm like all the rest of you. I want to do something different. I go to bed every night thinking that tomorrow might be the day that I make a few unexpected-to-everyone changes. But then I get up and the day takes on an appearance much like the day before. I still have my grey hair when I go to bed, and I still have the tummy bulge that I've vowed I need to get rid of. Maybe tomorrow.

But I'm getting a bit off my subject here which is colour. Yes, next time you shop for yourself, try looking at the bright side of life. For some it will be easy and for others not so much. Adding colour to your wardrobe is not always easy for some. So I urge you to just try one item. One little item. Perhaps if you are into scarves you might choose a really bright one. Multiple colours perhaps instead of one solid shade. If you like jewellery, try choosing something colourful and large. Or buy a bright purse, red, yellow, multicoloured.

If you are braver than that, try a yellow dress, or a pair of red pants. One thing though that most ladies already know is to stay away from dressing yourself in all the same colour. That just turns out boring, and if you should choose yellow you might end up looking like Big Bird and that's not what you would have intended I am sure. 

My big deal for colour is mainly one thing. At least this is the start for me. BLUSH. Yes, I love my blush. That sallow look that creeps up on our skin with age can be magically destroyed with just a hint of blush. A nice lip colour is also a great enhancement, whether you choose to go with a soft pink or a striking red. You know what's best for you. I like a red myself but not truly bright. Mine needs to have a hint of brown in it. We all know that colour on the lips makes our teeth sparkle whiter. 

I'd like to know what you think of colour and how you use it to brighten yourself and your day? Of course we can also add more colour to our home. That always helps lift our spirits. But mainly I'm talking about colouring ourselves here. What magic colour schemes do you use to add zest to your life?

Saturday, 26 December 2015


Today I'm very excited to be the interviewer and the writer on this little skit.

Interviewer: Good Afternoon. Today I’m interviewing a writer. And I’ve decided to do something different. Instead of asking about the books and the writing secrets, I’m going to get personal. I already know that this writer is not married, so my first question will be, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Writer: I do! I have two of them.

Interviewer: Two? How do you manage that?

Writer: Well, it’s not that hard really. You see, one of them is sort of a special occasion beau that I don’t see too often. And the other is sort of an every-day type.

Interviewer: I see. So which one are you most partial to?

Writer: Oh, I love them both. (laughs and jangles the beads around her neck)

Interviewer: Yeah, but doesn’t it get complicated sometimes?

Writer: Not often. Herme, that’s my every-day beau, isn’t too interested in celebrating special occasions. So the field is open for Harve to drop by.

Interviewer: Very interesting and very convenient too.

Writer: Absolutely! And on the odd occasion where they’ve both ended up being in the same place, they do get along. Harve brags a lot though. Thinks he’s better than Herme.

Interviewer: Why does he think that?

Writer: Well, it’s probably because he is. (laughs again and flings back a strand of hair from forehead) I mean, Harve is kinda suave and he dresses better than Herme. Don’t get me wrong, 
Herme is no slob. He’s just kinda more ordinary. You dig?

Interviewer: I guess. So which one is the best looking?

Writer: (contemplates this and looks thoughtful before responding) I’d say that they are both good looking. It’s just that Harve has that special quality about him. That’s why he’s great for special occasions.

Interviewer: When you say, special occasions, what exactly do you mean by that?

Writer: Well, what do you think? He drops by at Christmas and my birthday, and sometimes on other occasions. He’s been around on Valentine’s Day also. I always like to celebrate with Harve.

Interviewer: So it seems like he’s really your special guy.

Writer: Oh no. I love Herme too. Herme’s so sweet. Well, Harve is too, but in a different way, you know? They both make me feel so warm and relaxed and comfortable.

Interviewer: I’d say you are one lucky writer.

Writer: (laughs) I’m very lucky. But you know what?

Interviewer: What? (thinking writer is going to expose some deep, dark secret)

Writer: When I’m deep into writing … I don’t want either of them around. I really can’t have anything that will break my concentration. I want to have a clear head when I’m writing, I need to, you understand?

Interviewer: I think so.

Writer: (smiles and waits for the next question)

Interviewer: Thank you so much for your time and it’s been great.

Writer: Oh, you are so welcome. I have to go now. Herme is waiting. I really need him after this interview. I get so worked up when I’m having an interview and I need to wrap my arms around Herme for some comfort. I can’t wait to put my lips on him and drink in his wonderfulness.

Interviewer: (blushing) Yes. Well, it’s been great as I said, and I won’t keep you away from Herme any longer. I know you’re dying to see him.

Writer: Dying to taste him is more like it. (laughs) Oh, I know that’s too much information.

Interviewer: (clears throat) Well, this has been enlightening. One last question. Can you tell me what are the last names of your two beaus?

Writer: Of course! There’s Harvey Bristol Cream, and Hermit Port Wine. Oh, I do love those boys all of the time. Just thinking about them makes my little heart quiver.

Interviewer: This has been an interview with a writer. Tune in next week for an interview with a vampire.