Short Stories

 Tired of living in a dull world Arlene finally discovers how to have some fun. It's not easy being repressed all the time and this party girl has so much to offer. All she has to do is wiggle herself free from the bonds that hold her. But breaking free from another personality is sometimes difficult until you hold the key to how it's done. Once you know, then there is no turning back.
It's the summer of 1964 and a dark haired guy with a muscle car, playing hot music on the radio, waits for just the right girl...and when she comes along everything is groovy. 

 Aretha Johnston returns to her hometown to attend her mother's funeral. After becoming pregnant many years ago her mother had sent her away. Aretha had never seen her mother again. Now, many years later Aretha is faced with old memories, seeing her brother as a grown up, returning to the house where she grew up, and meeting again the boy who had changed her life. Living a fantasy for many years, Aretha had wondered what it would have been like to have married her lover and raised the child she had never had a change to tell him about. Would the fantasy live up to her expectations? Sometimes fate has a way of setting things right.

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Was it a Christmas gift? Jean Bishop was lost and out of work in New York City until one day when she found a coat in a second hand shop. A wondrous change swept over her, and she suddenly felt as if she were now okay and able to begin her new life. Starving and unable to find work, she was now filled with new hope and stumbled into a coffee shop where she had never been before. Orphaned at sixteen she had to make a life of her own and it was cold and wintery all around her.
Don Richards had bought the coffee shop three years earlier and was struggling to make ends meet. He saw something special in Jean and hired her on the spot. It was a magical Christmas all around and when spring finally came in the air, Don and Jean's lives had changed dramatically. What was it about that coat that had the power to change a person's self confidence?

 Smokin' in the Sixties...a short story, available at Amazon

 My non smoking journey is my experience and that is what I hope you take away from it. The writing of this account is not to encourage or discourage anyone to smoke or to quit.
I did it my way. If you want to make it your way, be my guest. It was written purely for the pleasure of entertainment.
Smoking in the 60s was considered cool. There was no hiding out behind buildings or having your evening smoke on the front porch. You could smoke wherever you wanted, whenever you wanted. It was freedom, man. It was the 60s. This is my account of how it was back then. Enjoy.

NOW AVAILABLE: Love and Marriage...3 short stories Amazon and Smashwords

 Three short stories about love and marriage and the ups and downs, ins and outs of a relationship. Some deceit is going on, some boredom is taking place, and some dreams have come to a halt. There is fear involved that comes to a conclusion, and one man's bed of roses is another man's honeysuckle.
Don and Maryann argue over something that should have been talked about before they were married. A pregnant woman wonders what life would have been like had she not gotten married and daydreams about days gone by. Jeffery thinks he and Audrey have the best marriage around, but Audrey has a card to play and she plays it well. A little drama, a little humour and a bit of hostility is going on here. But the theme is forgiveness for these stories of Love and Marriage. 


 November 22, 2011, the BIG BUMP at Number 2 is now available at Smashwords and Amazon

This is a short story remembering the 1958 Bump in Springhill Nova Scotia. The story of a teenage girl and her friends during that time is fictional, but the historic events are factual. It is based on a true story.

Susan’s brother is a miner and so is her friend’s father. By all accounts both miners have worked the afternoon shift, which is the one during which the Big Bump occurred.  Susan’s account of those daily events just after the Bump give insight into what it was like to live in a small coal mining town.

The disaster itself was called the Big Bump because it was the most severe bump in North American mining history. It was the first major international event to appear in live television broadcasts. The No. 2 colliery was one of the deepest coal mines in the world.Of the 174 miners in No. 2 colliery at the time of the bump, 74 were killed and 100 survived.

I felt three distinct shock waves like a stick of bombs being dropped from a fighter bomber, exploding just fractions of a second apart. We all knew from the magnitude of the impact that it was a major disaster in the mines…Dr Arnold Burden

July 27, 2011
I am finally getting around to listing some of my short stories. As with my novels, the same goes that if you would like a free read in exchange for a review, please contact me at and I will send you a coupon. A couple of my short stories are already free to read, so be my guest. Here they are, not necessarily in the order that they are published. You can view them all on My Biography Website on

Cut Off Road
Katie makes a last minute trip to the mall for a musical birthday candle. But when a late winter blizzard comes up, she is unprepared. Taking a short cut home she finds herself in trouble when freezing rain glazes her windshield and she can’t drive on. Cold and shivering, panic grips her. But she knows there is nothing to do but wait and hope that help will come along.
Katie has plenty of time to look deep within and discover what is really important in her life. She decides that if she makes it home safely she will make some much needed changes. She falls asleep and awakes to find the freezing rain has frozen the doors and windows tighter than a coffin.
Realizing she is trapped, hysteria sets in. Katie goes within herself to find sanity. Then something strange and miraculous happens, something that Katie cannot explain to this day.

Foiled Again
John Lindstrom finds himself in a peck of trouble when he leaves the bar with a hot brunette with violet eyes. He and his girlfriend, Marge have just had another disagreement so John has been drinking his troubles away. But he is filled with guilt after he chooses to spend another night with the hot brunette instead of with his girlfriend.

Then John discovers something so despicable to him that he can't even stand to be with himself. He hides out on the way to his apartment because he believes that everyone that looks at him will know it too. When John's girlfriend, Marge calls to ask his forgiveness, it is almost too much for him to bear. Finally he decides to face his girlfriend, but when she tells him what she wants from him, he becomes literally sick. John refuses her request and she leaves. He takes her calm acceptance to mean that she is very angry with him and may never speak to him again. Finally he finds a note from her that explains everything.

 When she was in her twenties she was wild and radical, thinking she was the first to experience the glow of rebellion. The hot axe of youth sliced deep into her convictions. The reality of her generation, her time, moved her and the fire in her brain burned brightly.
Then the tantrums began. Lost in a deep hole of emotion, traces of blood and scratches of insanity covered the walls; they were too deep for recovery. She could climb to the top but was never able to leave the black hole.
As time passed the numbness stilled. Then the sun shone brightly on the battlefield of life giving her courage, a gift she had never known before. At last the truth has hit home. The mirror doesn’t lie. For years she looked the same but felt different. She thought she was the same. But the question remains, is Ann still a lady?

Adrift No More
Andrea Hopkins considers herself a woman of the world...until she meets Captain John Albert Waymouth. During a freak storm at sea, Andrea discovers things about herself that she long feared admitting. Facing fear and determined to be a better person, Andrea makes the hardest choice of her survive.