Poor Broderick Blanchard was living his ordinary life, trying to get by at a dockyard job, while he worked towards a business degree. He went to bed one night and woke up the next day a vampire. He didn’t realize this until a few days later though. His friend, who Brod had called to help him while he was in the throes of sickness, paid a hefty price for his friendship and ended up in the Mississippi River.

Savannah Harris was a protected young lady. Her father, the owner of the Harris hotel chain, made sure that she stayed away from anything that might corrupt her. Growing up with tutors and bodyguards made Savannah rebellious. When she met Brod, she found a whole new world and wasn’t in the least bit put off that he was a vampire.

When Brod’s friend, Freddie, returns from the dead, he vows to get even with Brod. After Savannah is kidnapped, Brod isn’t sure who the kidnappers are. Could it be Freddie and his conspirators, or is it someone that is an enemy of her father’s? One thing he does know for sure is that he has to get Savannah back, even if it means the end of him.

A surprise awaits all of them in the mysterious and dangerous Barataria swamps.

Death and Deceit
When your life's threatened,who do you trust? Everyone looks suspicious...
At first it seems to aerobic instructor Jessica Albright that she may have found love online when she meets Gary Burke. But just when things are warming up, her new acquaintance turns weird. Jessie swears off the chat line and is introduced to handsome Kent Morgan by her girlfriend, computer programmer Elizabeth Barrow. Jessie immediately falls for Kent who appears to like her too.
Then threatening messages begin appearing on her e-mail, and Jessie has reason to suspect Kent. Although Liz had put the doubts in her mind, after Jessie's mom dies Liz does an about-face. Confused and fed up, Jessie seeks police help from good-looking Ricardo Alvarez.

Too late she discovers that Ricardo and Gary Burke are the same person. Liz and Kent team up to try and save Jessie from the danger she's walked into. But can they outsmart the calculating and sick mind of Ricardo Alvarez?


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Book One of the Dream Series:

If you want a nostalgic ride through the sixties, come along with Marlee Sweet as she travels to the southern states on a Trailways bus. Marlee meets sailor Joe in Halifax, Canada and is determined to visit him in his home town of New Orleans. But first she must make a stopover in New York to grow up a bit. From New Orleans to Mobile, to Montgomery then onward to Birmingham, Atlanta and finally Tennessee, it's a whirlwind of love, romance, adventure, tragedy, heartbreak, deceit and danger. From Joe's arms to a conniving Bobby Barnes, Marlee goes from girl to woman learning the ropes of life.
Experience the reaction in Albany, New York when the President is assassinated; watch the Beatles first visit to the US on the Ed Sullivan Show; stand in awe in front of the Mardi Gras Fountain in New Orleans, and take a stroll through the French Quarter with Marlee and Joe; visit the church on Dexter Avenue in Montgomery where Martin Luther King, Jr was once a pastor; Take a walk in an African-American's shoes from the old south; eat a hotdog from Chris' in Montgomery with Marlee and Bobby; visit Napoleon House in New Orleans and have a laugh while Marlee writes poetry and a poet reads it aloud; park on Beale Street in Memphis and marvel at the statue of W.C. Handy; gaze at the now demolished but once impressive San Carlos Hotel in Pensacola, Florida; look out over the amazing view in Birmingham, while observing the Vulcan statue; and last but not least, wonder where your next dollar is going to come from, and have your dreams put on hold.
Each day brings a new adventure and a new decision it seems. In the end it all comes down to choices, and the ones Marlee makes will change her life forever.


Book Two of the Dream Series
Marlee Sweet has travelled the south in search of love, only to find heartbreak and the end of her dream. Book two of the Dream Series takes Marlee back to Canada where she stays awhile, but after much turmoil and dissatisfaction, she heads back to the US of A.
Not quite sure where her life is going and with her dream in tatters, Marlee becomes a singer. She eventually marries Nick, but her nights with the band and on-the- road adventures are too much for him. He wants Marlee to quit and for them to have a family.
The marriage falls apart and Marlee is faced with a dilemma that takes her back to Nova Scotia. She eventually marries Sam and lives a peaceful, quiet existence...or so it seems, until Joe comes back in her life

Who do you believe? Your twin or your boyfriend...and what about promises that never should have been made?
Jewell Thurston is crushed when her twin sister Ruby tells her she's carrying Jewell's boyfriend's baby. Eric Finley tells Jewell that Ruby impersonated her, but Jewell, hurt and reeling, leaves town.

A year later, Ruby dies in a horrible car accident making Jewell promise to be a mother to Aster and never let Eric near the child.Jewell still has feelings for Eric and is torn. Although Eric has never gotten over his love for Jewell, his love for his daughter leads him to file for custody.

Rumours that the crash wasn't an accident circulate then vanish. But when Twitch Mahoney sees Jewell and mistakes her for Ruby, he fears she'll identify him from the crash site and abducts her. Jewell's quick wit and a new discovery lead her to the truth about Eric, Ruby, and Aster.

Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire?
Cub reporter Blaine Orson goes on her first big interview, but she finds a body instead. RCMP constable Roy Arch falls for her innocent- looking beauty but is suspicious too, since the dead man turns out to be her biological father, and she stands to inherit his fortune.
Blaine can't believe it when her own mother confesses. But an autopsy reveals she couldn't be the murderer. Then cancelled cheques found in the dead man's safe indicate long-term blackmail by her stepfather.
Fortunately for Blaine, senior reporter Andrew Clark is determined to get an awesome story out of the whole mess. Although she's reeling from the discovery of her unknown father, love is in the cold, spring air for Blaine. But so are murder, deceit, and curiosity. Roy warns Blaine to let the police handle things, but Blaine's confrontation with her step-dad leads her into deep danger. Only Andrew and Const. Archer can help her now.

Angel's Blessing
A good deed might just lead Angel into a lifetime of rewards.
It’s been one year since Angel Walker divorced her intolerable husband, James, and one year since Jake Jordan lost his dear wife, Rosaline to a car accident. Now — twelve years since Angel and Jake last saw each other — Angel is returning to Nova Scotia to help out her aunt who’s just taken a fall. But running the Bed and Breakfast turns out to be an easier challenge than dealing with widower Jake and his adorable daughter Rachael. Living up to the saintly Rosaline takes courage. But it takes more courage still to accept that Jake is nothing like James.
Once bitten twice shy, Jake discovers Angel doesn’t trust easily. He’ll have to be careful with this one, if he doesn’t want her to slip away. But when Angel finally believes in Jake, she discovers she could have been wrong, and Jake might be using her, making him an even lower person than her ex.
An almost tragedy brings conflicts to a head and long overdue explanations to the forefront.
Prequel to: Angel's Retreat.

Angel has been married to Jake for fifteen years and they now have two daughters, but family bliss is about to take a turn for the worse when Jake has a car accident and is killed. Angel and her daughters mourn his passing, but before they have much chance to grieve, Angel's Aunt May takes a heart attack and dies.
Angel ponders what to do with her life now. She confides in William Canton, the man who was with Jake the day he died, but she has mixed feelings for him believing in some ways he was the cause of Jake's death.
The manor is about to be sold until Angel decides to turn it into a retreat for writers and artists. Will Angel ever forgive William for his part in Jake's death? And how do the daughters feel? Angel faces the loneliness of losing Jake, but the excitement of a new venture.

Sequel to: Angel's Blessing.

 Heart of Winter
Destiny draws Cajun artist Nicole Dubois from the sultry Louisiana heat into a freezing Canadian winter.Cajun artist Nicole Dubois's life is turned upside down by a simple fax. Life has been straight and simple for her and she's planning a June wedding with New Orleans psychiatrist, Ansel Bernard. Then her grand-father leaves her valuable shore frontage in Nova Scotia.
A stipulation in the will's codicil forces her to travel alone into Canada's frozen winter clime. But her grandfather's lawyer Craig McKeen is determined to warm things up for her. She's torn between her promises to Ansel and her new found attraction to the attorney.
When a blizzard traps Nicole and Craig in a hunter's cabin, they realize that love bloomed between them despite the blast of winter outside the cabin walls. But Craig's former girlfriend, Amanda Wilson, has other plans for him and plots to send Southern girl Nicole back where she came from. Now Nicole must decide who’s lying about the codicil, Craig or Amanda… and what to do about fiancé, Ansel.


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