Saturday, 25 November 2017


I forget things! I think that a lot of us do that, especially these days when there is so much to keep up with. For me, I have my music, my books, my painting (that I never seem to get around to) and then I have my life.
So, getting around to blogging sometimes takes a back seat. A way back! So far back that I was actually shocked that I had not checked in here and wrote a post since last May!
Yep, you can believe that. But is there anything to say since then? I've been thinking about a lot of things so let's start with just the art of thinking. Something I do way too much of. In fact, I think so much that I barely have time to talk. To anyone.
I don't think it's probably good to do that much thinking. But I was born thinking. I remember the first memory I had, lying on a couch taking my baby bottle. I was in heaven. I mean what could be more deliriously happy than enjoying that wonderful bottle in a warm comfortable kitchen. I was lying on my back and looking at the wallpaper on the wall behind the couch. I remember raising my leg and tracing over the images on the wallpaper with my bare toes. It all seems like a dream, and why wouldn't it? After all, it was over 70 years ago. I remember finishing the bottle and take it to the table and setting it on the table. My sister told me that someone was always watching and when I would reach up on my tiptoes and stick the bottle on the edge of the table then walk away, someone would grab it as it toppled there ready to crash to the floor and break in a bunch of pieces.
I did not know that part. I, in my infant state of mind,  would not have figured out that the bottle might not be stable on the table. I never hung around to see if it was going to be okay or if it was going to topple over.

So, my thinking was not so hot back then. Anyway, take some time to find someone to talk to so you won't be lost in your mind thinking all the time. It's good to think, but not all the time. There is a world of other people out there and sometimes they need a bit of attention.

I hope not to be so long coming back next time and to have a better, more interesting subject to talk about. 

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