Saturday, 13 May 2017


Where are you right now? Are you in a crowded room? Standing by a beach? Alone in your bedroom? Watching a noisy TV show? Cooking supper?
Whatever you are doing, (and you are probably doing none of the above if you are reading this) then I assume you are sitting reading on the Internet. How you found this I don’t know, but I would like to. Was it by chance? I imagine it was as I don’t have that much traffic to a normally dull blog site.

Anyway, to get on with it, as the title suggests, I believe there is a universe all around you and I’m not talking about far away, up above, outside of our planet. I’m talking about inside of you. So, if you can, I suggest you stop reading, close your eyes, take a long breath and just breathe out slowly. With your eyes closed, you can now go deep within yourself. Unless your kid (or significant other) is screaming at you for attention, then you will have calm. Gradually tune out what is going on around you, even down to the smallest tick tock of a clock or rumble of a refrigerator.

Take a moment in time to discover the inside you. All of your body parts that go on working for you whether you acknowledge them or not. You eat, you drink, you sleep, you laugh, you cry, you get the point, but all of these things occur naturally without much strain or struggle from you. Well, hopefully anyway.

Now that you are calm and cool and understanding that your brain is functioning for you and creating all the movement and digesting and separating that goes on in your body, and all you really have to do is breathe, then you are getting with it. Is that so much to ask of a body that is made to last over a hundred years?

Think about what our minds do mostly. We create a safe place for ourselves. Sure, we care about other people, but it all comes back to ourselves and how we feel, and how we look, and how others are going to think of us. Should I wear those pants, they might make me look fat. I think those boots make me look too tall and skinny. I wonder if my hair looks okay. I just found a new pimple, when are they gonna go away for good? I wonder if I sound okay.

See? It’s all about us. Our little universe is more important to us than anything around us on earth. Other people are important to us but sometimes we say, I’d die without him. She makes me feel so good. Those kids make me laugh. I love this food. No matter what we do or who we see or how much we attend to others, it ends up being all about us in our head.

Rejection is a big deal to most of us. We avoid doing certain things because of rejection. We are afraid of rejection and why? Why do we care so much what others think? Most of the time other people are thinking about themselves, not us, not if we are fat, not if we look tall and skinny, not if our hair looks great that day. They might mention it but if we get a compliment or an insult, it’s over for them. They say it and move on. We are left with the spoils, the heartache, the rejection, the pain, over and over we carry it around in our little universe. It spins around us, encapsulating us in our own world.

Most of the time, we don’t even notice the inside of us. How often have you thought about it? It’s just part of life mostly. But once you take the time to go quiet inside yourself and think. Really think. Not about what you will prepare for your next meal, or what movie you will watch tonight, or what book you might read. But think about nothing really. Just go silent and listen. Hopefully you won’t hear too many strange sounds coming from your personal universe. But, the silence will fulfill you, open you up to who you really are, what you really want and where you are going.

Do this at least once a day, maybe before bedtime. Or, maybe first thing in the morning might be better for you, or in the middle of the afternoon when no one else is around. Call it your own personal meditation break. Get in touch with you, your universe, your magical body and it is magical and omnipotent. Learn to use the power that is inside you so you can face rejection, face fear, face whatever comes with strength from within.

It's mind blowing and empowering, but you must be patient with yourself also. It takes time to get to know you. But it’s worth it. Let me know how you make out.

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