Thursday, 27 April 2017


Last year I posted a bunch of random thoughts. Here's some more.

You are only as big as you feel.
It would be nice if you just let go.
Coming or going, it's never an easy trip.
Make life count, it's all you have.
Be the one who smiles when the world is crying.
If only you knew the real me, we might then understand each other.
I can't complain because I sometimes have pain.
Whether or not you are with me, I am always with you.
Take it or leave it, there's no other choice anyway.
A day is just a day but a lifetime is all you have.
Grab the train or take a bus, however you travel, it will get you there.
If you hate flying then try walking on clouds.
Hitchhiking never was safe, so just because you are old now doesn't make it safer.
What kind of mind rambles on all the time?
It's pointless to worry, but we do it anyway.

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