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While some people might scoff at what I am about to say, that is okay by me. I do not expect many people to believe that this is possible, however, I am just going to tell you what happened to me.

In case you don't know what I am speaking of when I say visitation dreaming, maybe we should call them after death contacts. Yes, if you've ever been contacted by someone who has died, and this has happened in your dream time, then you might have had a visitation dream.

Let's stop here while I assure you that I am no Christian fanatic. I am not even religious. However, I do have a spiritual streak. 

This type of dream is quite different from the regular dream of seeing a deceased loved one in your sleep. If a loved one that is no longer here on earth invades your dream and walks around or talks like all the other characters in your dream time, this is not a visitation dream.

A visitation dream is most often a one-on-one thing. They come to you, maybe out of the blue, not in a dream that makes sense (if we can say any dream makes sense). A visitation dream is much different. 

For one thing, the person visiting you will have a point to the visit and most likely leave you with an answer to something or a settlement to a problem you have been having. And it will be a settlement when you wake up because you will realize that it was no ordinary dream, and you will remember it clearly. You will remember the vision in front of your eyes. You will remember the way your loved one looked. And you will not forget this for a long, long time, maybe never, and it will probably stay as vivid in your mind as right after it happened. And you also will have no trouble trying to remember. It is like it might have been seared into your memory, unlike most dreams which fade quickly.

Some of the differences between an ordinary dream of a loved one and a visitation dream might be the shortness of it. If you could remember or could have timed the dream, it might have lasted only short seconds. I know my dream did. And, it didn't need to last any longer. The message was clear and it was passed along quickly but so amazingly.

So, I guess it's time that I told you about this wonderful dream I had. I can't tell that there was a story going on and characters interacting because this was not the case. It was alone, no other dream characters except myself and the visitor.

I was lying in bed and suddenly woke up (meaning I was awaken in my dream not in real life time)
I sat up in my bed and there before me at the end of the bed, not on the bed but floating in front of my eyes just beyond the bed, was a vision of my mother. I knew it was a vision because she had never looked like that before. She was clad in white, a white that was brilliant and actually vibrated around her. I never did realize what age she was or what her hair looked like, or what colour. My vision seemed concentrated on the white glow and her eyes, and her smile. 

It was a smile that radiated and instantly set my mind at peace. In fact the whole incident was so calming and so un-earth-like that I had no reason to feel alarmed or afraid. I can't even say that she was of an earthly size, yet her head, which I had concentrated on, seemed of a normal size. The rest of her just seemed to be absorbed in this white, bright glow. 

Anyway, the moment or second that she was before me and smiling at me moved away quickly as she began to come towards me. She did not walk around the bed and walk to me, she just hovered and moved very quickly by my side. I was so in awe that I could not even speak. As she reached my side, she kissed me on the cheek. At that very second of the touch, thoughts developed in my head. No outward words were spoken. I suppose this could be called telepathy. 

But with that very short contact, I realized that what had troubled me for such a long time, would not trouble me anymore. There were really no words, but I had for a long been feeling guilty that I had not done enough, that I was wrong to place her in a nursing home when I could no longer control her whereabouts once she had dementia. Her 'running away', being aggressive, outbursts of anger directed towards me when I tried to tell her that what she was seeing and thinking was not true or real. It was a very long process as anyone who has had a loved one with Alzheimer's or any form of dementia. 

I carried the guilt around for years, often wondering if I should have tried to keep her at home longer, if I should have visited more often. If I should have done this or done that. But at the moment of the kiss on the cheek and the brilliant smile, I was assured that I was indeed forgiven for anything that I might think I had done wrong. 

After the kiss, she receded backward and as she went, she grew smaller and smaller and smaller still until there was nothing but a ball of light which then disappeared. 

After that I woke up in real life. I lie in my bed, not afraid, not frightened at all by the experience. In fact, I still felt that peaceful feeling. It was like no other feeling I had ever felt. And there was also something else. During the visitation dream, there was a very strange feeling of love and peace, the love was so strong that the feelings I was experiencing were nothing ever experienced by me before and it was unexplainable. It is unexplainable to this day. And you can take whatever from this that you like 

However, If you are interested you might want to Google visitation dreaming and read more about it.
To this day I remember the visitation dream as vivid as it was when I had it. I can't even recall what year it was, but I seem to think that it was a few years after she passed away.  I have read that more than one visitation can be had, but I have had only the one, so far anyway. 

It is also said that you must be open to this. I was not open to it at the time, as I had never heard of visitation dreams. I never expected it, nor was I even thinking about her at the time. Odd things happen so they say, and yes they do. Many things that one cannot explain in this life time occur. Many people believe in many things, and many people believe it is all hogwash, or wishful thinking or that a visitation dream was probably just like any other dream only more vivid. I am here to tell you that in my opinion this is not true. You will know if you ever have a visitation dream. 

I can't explain it, nor does it matter to me to do so. I am just passing on some information because I do think of it at times and when I do it is as clear as it was when it happened. So if you have had such a dream, or some other form of visitation from a loved one. Please share your thoughts and memories. I know I'd love to hear them. 

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