Wednesday, 30 November 2016


I had a dream one wintery night, when the howling winds and blowing snow pushed and prodded around my body. I had been forced to be amidst it to shovel my walkway in order not to get fined if someone slipped and fell on my part of the sidewalk. 
Slogging off the snow and wet clothing, I grimmest when I entered my bright kitchen. My eyes had grown so accustom to the dark, furious storm that pain now seared behind my eyeballs. Wearily, I climbed the stairs and dropped on my bed. Moments later, I found the energy to pull away the comforter and crawl between the  freezing sheets and lay there shivering and grieving over tomorrow's hell.
If I didn't manage to get through it, my boss would give me hell all right for he was one who didn't believe in obstacles, especially when they interfered with his workers. Amid the screams of high winds and the slosh of snow beating on my windows, I tried to sleep. But all I managed to do was dream chaotically between intervals of tossing, turning and slamming the pillows to find a more comfortable spot for my aching head. 
Somewhere in the night, my senses dulled and finally I slipped away to a peaceful unknown in the early sleeping hours of the morning. A place emerged where no snow, no sound, no boss could enter. I seemingly floated toward a bright, red door, and before I could reach to open it, the door slowly creaked and parted. Again, I floated into a room of half darkness lit only by candles whose flickers seemed to wink at me. I felt welcomed there and serenely peaceful. The walls were lined with books in an orderly library style, but the room was eerily empty. 
Then, out of the quiet came ...

I laughed until I cried, exhausted as if I'd spent an eternity talking...talking and listening to my friends responses. I awoke with a chuckle and felt a large smile on my face. The sun glared at me from an east window, and the crystal hanging there spewed forth a multi-coloured radiance over the ceiling and walls.
I suddenly felt sad to have left the book world, but I was no longer anxious about beginning my day. I'd learned something ... something I'd always known but never thought about. My world wasn't the only one. There were millions of worlds ... in books. And each book held many lives, many tragedies, and much happiness. A myriad of problems, conflicts and decisions and in the end a solution. Sometimes satisfactory, other times at loose ends. But an end none the less.

So, what do you think the writer discovered that changed things? What do you think came out of the quiet? I have my own ideas but it would be interesting to see different points of view on what made the change take place. Do you think that dreams can influence our daily life and change us?

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