Sunday, 30 November 2014


The power of love is everywhere, but we tend to take it for granted so many times. When you love someone, there is nothing you would not do for that person's comfort. You would go out of your way many times just to see a smile on that person's face. You would inconvenience yourself, spend your time, forfeit your food, your comfort, your own pleasure, just for what? For love, that's what. 

Love is so powerful that it can be felt over many miles, almost intuitively. You can't see it, you can't touch it, not physically, but you can feel it, you can hold it because it is all around you. 

A mother's love is one of the strongest, mainly because there is such a bonding that has been created. It is almost like the other, the child, is part of you, which in a way is true. The child is a part of you that just became unattached physically, but never emotionally. Losing a child creates a different kind of love. It is a sad love, but still a happy one. A strong love, but yet almost an unearthly one. It is a love that creates misery with happiness underneath, and the both are mixed together in such a way that grief and pleasure become one. That is how complicated love really is.

The desire to protect is a form of love. It is very strong in animals as well, but more intuitive perhaps than in humans. Maybe animals do not understand the concept of love, but that does not mean they do not feel it. They just are unable to put a label on it. Love is the strongest force in the universe. However, the love we feel on earth is nothing like the true love. It is but a mere shadow of the spiritual love which embodies the being and envelops anyone encountering it to such a degree that it is unexplainable. 

No one really understands the total power of love, but yet it is felt so many times and leaves an overwhelming feeling within. Anyone who experiences love and shuns it usually ends up in a stifling frame of mind. Without love, all will shrivel and perish. When we mess with love in the world and try and replace it with worldly objects and materialistic means, we lose a bit of humanness. Animals, on the other hand, although perhaps not totally understanding the power of love, embrace it. We could learn a few things from them.

You can take the power of love and make it your own, but you must first learn to respect it. The task is not an easy one. Loving others the way you would want to be loved is the best way to understand and spread the POWER of love.
Happy Reading and Writing everyone.


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