Tuesday, 30 September 2014


And, yes, it's calling to you! It's calling to me, it calls to every living animal. Perhaps its call to animals like birds, dogs, cats, and others is even stronger than to humans because they seem to have natural instincts that we humans probably have but do not use.

Since we communicate more verbally than other animals, we tend to not rely as heavily on the universal feelings. That is why we need to pay attention. 

How many times have you just sit and listened? Maybe if you took a walk outside in the dark or perhaps at dusk or just before dawn, you might tune in more closely to what the universe is trying to tell you. But today there is a distinct disconnection from the powers of the universe, and perhaps it's time to get back in touch. 

WALKING: This used to be a time when one could collect one's thoughts and perhaps find some clarity to their world. But, how many times do you see people walking today like that? Either they are in a group, a couple, or if alone they could have a head-set on and be listening to music or maybe an audio book, or they are on their phone talking to someone. This is not alone time. They seldom take notice to the scenery or quietness around them.

SLEEPING: Once upon a time, sleeping was much more welcome than I believe it is today. Some people only sleep because it is required at some point. If they didn't have to sleep, they would not even bother. Some people, too many these days, cannot even sleep properly. There is an epidemic of sleep apnea. Or, if one is lucky enough to not be afflicted by that, then there is just constant worry, planning, tossing and turning. Dreams are one way to connect with the universe, but nightmares are not helpful.

WATCHING: Are you aware of the world around you? I am not talking about the working or playing world, even though there are a lot of people these days that are not even that aware of that. I am talking about the world of nature. Yes, our universe is around us, it is not just out there in space. Take note of the birds, listen to their calls, their answers to each other. Watch how a cat lies in the sun and enjoys the heat. Listen to the wind in the trees and watch them sway in the breeze. Did you know that they sound differently in different seasons? Of course in the spring and summer a lot of trees are full with leaves which drop to the ground when autumn sets in. It just makes sense that the wind blowing through the branches would have a different sound than when they are full bloom with leaves. 

So be aware when the universe calls to you. Know that it is there for all of us, for our peace of mind, for our connections with other people as well. When you know the universe you know yourself, and when you know yourself, you are much more capable of knowing what others want and need. Listen to the call next time you are outside. Bring a bit of the universal powers into your bedroom, your living room and even your kitchen. Take time to be present, it could change your life and maybe someone else's also. 

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