Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Blast from the Past!

I have been neglectful of my blog, sorry. For the last couple of months, I have been very busy writing. I am working on After Glow, book 4 of the Dream Series. Here is a tentative cover:

Now, to get on with my post for today. This is actually a message to myself that I wrote way back ten years ago. But, I found it today while sifting through some other material. I thought it might be inspiring to some. And the message today is just as urgent as it was back then. Not to me as much because I have followed the message that I had written to myself back then. 
However, for anyone going through anything like this, any person who feels less about themselves, then they should take heed and read.
Love yourself first. Start at the basics and if you love yourself you will be strong, you will be able to move forward and love and do for others with caring and respect. Respect yourself in all that you do. I will not preach any longer on this. I will just post the message and hope that someone, somewhere reads it and reevaluates their life. Good luck to anyone who needs this message today. It is here for you. 

Today I had an epiphany...a flash of intuition...intelligence...whatever you want to call it, that has changed the way I view myself.
I have been on a downward path for sometime now, in that my self esteem has led me to do things and say things, etc that I would not normally have done. My desire to feel attractive, intelligent, and wanted has been two-fold in that it has encouraged me to exercise more, take better care of my health and in that way look better and feel better.
But the other (the dark side of it) is that I have allowed myself to be cajoled into doing things I have not been comfortable with in the name of love.
From this day forward, I promise that I will think better of me, treat myself with respect and dignity, no matter what! No one is as important to me as I am to myself. If I can't respect and love myself, I cannot expect to receive it from others. As Dr.Phil says, "You teach people how to treat you."
If there are people in my life who do NOT wish to accept my attitude, then they will have to leave my life. They are not true friends to me. I must be true to myself, be able to look myself in the eye each morning and to know in my heart of hearts that I am being the authentic me.
If someone loves you, they would not ask you to do anything that you might find uncomfortable. If anyone in my life feels this way, then they are wrong. Wrong in their attitude and also wrong for me.
Addiction is a frightening thing. Addition causes one to do almost anything to satisfy that yearning, that need. Breaking an addiction needs willpower, but most of all it needs the understanding behind the addiction. When one discovers the reason for the addiction, then one can bear with it and leave it behind. It is not easy to break an addiction, the longer one gives in to it, the harder it is to move away from it. It is like a thirst, a craving, but it is possible to break an addiction, any addiction.
Some people that we encounter in this lifetime are sick people. And many times on the surface you cannot tell. They are often very smooth talking people. It is like the poem, the spider and the are the fly and that person is the spider...luring you into the den with words of praise and compliments.
And as the poem goes...the last line says, "And the silly little fly never came out again."
Don't be the fly to someone's spider. Stand up for yourself, for your dignity and self respect. Get away from these people....RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

PS: I just checked the date in which I had written this and it was on my birthday. It was a wonderful gift to myself. Happy writing and reading to you all. And, happy life.
Also, I would love to hear from you on this matter, if you need to talk just comment below. If you want a discussion, I am here.

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