Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Hello all,
Here it is another New Year's Day again. Years slip by and we all do what we can to survive and move forward. I will soon be busy writing After Glow, book 4 of The Dream Series. I'm starting to get itchy fingers already.
Just one note on books completed and available for sale: The Vampire and the Lady has a new Cover.

Broderick Blanchard doesn't know what hit him when he wakes up sick. What happens to him after that is an adventure he had never dreamed of. Now living his life as a brand new vampire, he's learning as he goes along. He makes a few mistakes along the way, first one being with his friend, Freddie. 
When he meets Savannah, a real honest to goodness Lady, he's smitten and falls for her instantly. However, Savannah, an over protected young woman, doesn't seem in the least bit surprised when she learns that Brod is a vampire. 
Trouble lurks when Savannah's father, a high profile businessman in New Orleans. is kidnapped. Is it for ransom? Or is it for something more sinister? Could someone be looking for revenge? 
The action quickly moves from the streets of New Orleans to the Louisiana Bayou Country where evil lurks in the mystical swamps.

RECENT FOUR STAR REVIEW: I haven't read many vampire stories but I saw a snippet and liked the look of the writing so was tempted.

The story certainly wasn't what I expected and some of it I was at a loss to understand (probably because I am not up with vampire lore.) I thought the adventure all might turn out to be a dream or something brought on by Brod's original fever, but it was interesting enough to keep me turning the pages to find out what happens next.
One or two of the characters were brilliantly portrayed. The donor tramp was my favourite. Poor deluded guy. Freddie was a great friend...(yeah right) and I loved a couple of the swamp scenes he was in.
The romance was understated but written passionately, which is a difficult combination and hard to pull off but the author successfully managed it. All in all a good read.

You can check out the other books in the Dream series at:

I've been working on a number of my digital e books to also include the paperback copy of them. That right now is an ongoing process. 

It's amazing to me the amount of snow that has come down already this winter and winter is only eleven days old. Might be a long, snowy winter. More time to write then I guess. 

I am not one who makes NY resolutions as I believe that goals are an ongoing process that one must keep up with all year and not put such a heavy load on one's shoulders at the first of a new year. It can be very frustrating and overwhelming to try and keep such resolutions and most people don't, then they feel guilty that they even made them in the first place if they couldn't fulfill them. So that is my take on that.

Anyone else here make NY resolutions? And who actually keeps them?

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