Tuesday, 7 January 2014


So there it is…your very own book. And you just typed The End. What a feeling, hey? What elation and satisfaction. But wait! What do you do now? Well, you probably get yourself a cup of tea or coffee or whatever else you prefer and tuck your feet under you and start at the beginning.
A read through should do it, hey? Then your book will be off into the world to wing its way to fame and fortune. So you begin…
Oh my! What’s this? A misspelled word and in the first paragraph already. You make a mental note that you must read more carefully. Second paragraph has a missing word, and what’s that? Of all things you missed a quote.
It soon becomes apparent that you may need to rewrite the whole manuscript. So the second draft begins.
This is a big mistake that many first authors make. No, I am not talking about editing the first draft and probably rewriting here and there. The big mistake is often being so anxious to get that baby off and flying on its own, that an anxious new author will send it off before it’s out of diapers so to speak.
So now you have come to the conclusion that the first draft is not the finished work. It is a concoction of random thoughts, hurried dialogue, mistakes here and there and many other editing errors. A book is a series of rewrites. But please, don’t get so engrossed in the editing process that you never finish.
Writing a book is much like painting a picture. You can overpaint and you can certainly overwrite. One must know when to stop and that is not an easy thing to accomplish. Only experience and letting go will tell you when it’s time to stop and finally be ready for your book to hit the big time.
After that, if you are self-publishing, you will need to make decisions about a cover, a fabulous description, teasers, blurbs, and so many other decisions that you will start to believe that writing the book in the first place was the easiest part of all.

Good luck with all of it and try and remember that this is your journey, your book, your life. Happy  writing and good luck.

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