Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Thought it was time I dropped in to say hello. Yeah, I've been lazy about writing here but believe me I've been busy on other things. And since no one comments on any of my posts I figured no one would even miss me anyway. 
Since getting out The Vampire and the Lady and Who's Colleen Sutton? I have taken  bit of a break from writing except some editing on other novels. January will be the time when I will be going full force on the fourth book in the Dream Series which starts with 1964: Chasing a Dream. So if you haven't read that or book 2, Facing reality or book 3 Missing Link, then maybe you should start so you can be caught up when After Glow comes out sometime in the spring of 2014. 
After that will be the last book in the series, Raging Nightmare. That last book will go back to the 1920s when it all began and it will end with Marlee Sweet's birth in 1943. 

Other than that there are a few other novels in the works and it will be a long winter, so hoping to get a lot written over the months of January to April. Right now, just like most everyone else, preparing for Christmas and getting that over with. 

So all of you take care, and you American friends I hope will enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow and then on to Christmas festivities. Take care everyone. Be back soon with more info from a writing life. Happy Reading and Writing everyone. 

One last reminder that anyone in the Christmas mood might want to look up my short story Magical Coat. It's available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Nobel, Sony, Diesel and Apple iTunes. Have a happy holiday. 

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