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The Vampire and the Lady  is now available at Smashwords and Amazon and here is a description of it. 

Broderick Blanchard doesn't know what hit him when he wakes up sick. What happens to him after that is an adventure he had never dreamed of. Now living his life as a brand new vampire, he's learning as he goes along. He makes a few mistakes along the way, first one being with his friend, Freddie. 
When he meets Savannah, a real honest to goodness Lady, he's smitten and falls for her instantly. However, Savannah, an over protected young woman, doesn't seem in the least bit surprised when she learns that Brod is a vampire. 
Trouble lurks when Savannah's father, a high profile businessman in New Orleans. is kidnapped. Is it for ransom? Or is it for something more sinister? Could someone be looking for revenge? 
The action quickly moves from the streets of New Orleans to the Louisiana Bayou Country where evil lurks in the mystical swamps.

The man jumped almost out of his dirty, long coat. He turned and gazed at me. I smiled at him and he said, “I ain’t et in two days. And this food in here is pure garbage.”
“That’s because it is garbage, my friend.” I laughed.
He kept digging, throwing out containers on the ground and reaching further into the garbage.
“What’s your name?” I asked him.
Without looking up he mumbled, “Larry.”
“You got a last name, Larry?”
This time he pulled his head out of the garbage and stared at me. “I do, but it don’t matter no more. I’m just Larry now.”
“Well, Larry, how’d you like to have a meal on me?”
I was thinking that I was about to have a meal on him, so it only seemed appropriate that I should give him a meal first.

If you decided to give this book a read, please leave a review if you liked it. It will help me decide if I might write another vampire book or not. 

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