Thursday, 4 July 2013


Hello again,
Just dropping by to inform you that it won't be long before the first book in my Dream Series will be available in paperback.

1964: Chasing A Dream can now be purchased as an e book and will soon be also available at Amazon in paperback.

This is my tentative  book cover, could be permanent but could change. However the photo will remain the same in any case.

Two Lovers One Dream

If you want a nostalgic ride through the sixties, come along with Marlee Sweet as she travels to the southern states on a Trailway bus. Marlee meets Joseph Fontaine in Halifax, Canada and is determined to visit him in his home town of New Orleans. But first she must make a stopover in New York to grow up a bit.

From New Orleans to Mobile, to Montgomery then onward to Birmingham, Atlanta and finally Tennessee, it's a whirlwind of love, romance, adventure, tragedy, heartbreak, deceit and danger. From Joe's arms to a conniving Bobby Barnes, Marlee goes from girl to woman learning the ropes of life.

Experience the reaction in Albany, New York when President Kennedy is assassinated; watch the Beatles first visit to the US on the Ed Sullivan Show; stand in awe in front of the Mardi Gras Fountain in New Orleans, and take a stroll through the French Quarter with Marlee and Joe; visit the church on Dexter Avenue in Montgomery where Martin Luther King, Jr was once a pastor; Take a walk in an African-American's shoes from the old south; eat a hotdog from Chris' in Montgomery with Marlee and Bobby; visit Napoleon House in New Orleans and have a laugh while Marlee writes poetry and a poet reads it aloud; park on Beale Street in Memphis and marvel at the statue of W.C. Handy; gaze at the now demolished but once impressive San Carlos Hotel in Pensacola, Florida; look out over the amazing view in Birmingham, while observing the Vulcan statue; and last but not least, wonder where your next dollar is going to come from, and have your dreams put on hold.

Each day brings a new adventure and a new decision it seems. In the end it all comes down to choices, and the ones Marlee makes will change her life forever.

1964: Chasing A Dream is the first book in the Dream Series. Book 2: Facing Reality; Book 3: Missing Link; Book 4: After Glow; Book 5 (backstory) Raging Nightmare

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