Friday, 29 March 2013


Hello one and all,
Today I would like to be positive but what I have to say has a few negative tendencies in it. I am writing about Genetically Modified and Hybrid foods. 
This has been around for quite some time now, but it's getting worse. Soon that will be the only seeds you will be able to purchase for your garden. No one really knows what these GM seeds could do to us. And for the most part, no one really seems to care. 
Do we all have our heads so far shoved in the sand that we can't see what is in front of us? Just this week, President Obama has signed into law a spending bill that includes a provision dubbed the Monsanto Protection Act.
I'm not going to go into details here about all that it entails. Look it up if you are interested in your food and your health. This bill bars federal courts from ever being able to stop the sale or planting of GM crops no matter what the health consequences of the products might show up in the future. It's scary. Monsanto and other companies produce genetically modified organisms or genitically engineered seeds and crops. Already the corn has been ruined, along with a few other crops. 
So one of these days there will be no organic farmers, no chance to grow healthy products on your own property. It will all be controlled by the big companies and all be bad for us. But who cares? Seems not enough do.
In Canada so far, we have not been struck down like this, but oh, they are trying. In my area on April 9 there will be a rally to try and stop the production of GM alfalfa. Will it be possible? Who knows? But all one can do is try. If you don't try, then you have no reason to ever complain when you are sick and when all the food you eat is bad for you. Don't complain, because we have a chance to do something...if people will just wake up. 
I can't speak for Americans, I am Canadian. But I can darn well speak up in Canada and I will. It might not do me any good, but at least I will have tried. Anyone wishing to join a group to help stop GM alfalfa, can do so by visiting this website: Stop GM Alfalfa!
If you can't attend at least join and show support. And if there are events and rallies in your area, join up and protest. Stand for something. Stand for our food, our health and our farmers. Speak up, speak out, and join a group and protest. Your voice is needed before it's too late.
Here's a cute little video that explains things better than I can.Busy Bee


  1. Just to follow up...rally was very successful, over a 100 people in a small town. This year there will be on GM alfalfa in Canada. Yay. That doesn't mean we can sit on our laurels. We must be vigilent and carry on and fight to keep GM products out of Canada. We already have the GM corn, let's not let it go any further. Coming up in May marches and rallys. I will keep you posted. Let's keep our farmers in business and keep organic products on the grocer shelves for everyone!

  2. May 25 is MARCH AGAIN MONSANTO day. If you can find a march or rally near you, try and participate. Help keep farmers in business but most of all keep your family's food supply safe.