Monday, 18 February 2013


Anyone living in a snowbound area can attest to what most of us are feeling these days. After three snowstorms (blizzards) in a row for three weekends, I, for one, am tired of it! 

I just came in from shovelling that lovely, white stuff. Oh, the fresh air is nice, the tingly feeling that I have when I come inside. I agree, it's good for you to get out and enjoy the weather no matter what it is. BUT enough is enough. 

This is not meant to be a rant. I'm living in the snowbound area because I wish to be here. If i didn't, I'd be somewhere else, perhaps in the south looking both ways for the spring tornadoes, or the lovely summer hurricanes and wretch lightning storms. All part of nature and you can't escape it no matter where you live. 

That's why a couple of weekends back I wrote this simple ode to winter. Hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for the guest post by Jo Linsdell about storyboarding a children's book. That's coming up on February 24.

                                                                  The Big Blow 2013


Quiet and peaceful, hypnotic in its own way
Makes one sleepy, dreamy and wistful
Takes me back to winters past and nostalgia of the old days 

Dreaming...dreaming...making plans and scheming
Changing, re arranging, wondering what the morrow will bring
Blustery snow? some rain? wind, sleet, or just quiet snow all Over again?
Take it as it comes, nothing else to do

Worry worry, give it up and try not to hurry
Days will come and days will go, sun will shine and wind will Blow
The wheel of life will continue to spin
For all of us then all of them

Good bye good bye, I bid you all adew, my time will soon come To leave all of you
You will watch the snow fall, you will listen to the rain, you are The future generations and it Will go on...all over again. 

Continue continue...a lovely spring it will bring you.

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