Sunday, 10 February 2013


If you think the Internet can be a scary place sometimes, take a journey with Jessica in Death and Deceit and see where her online chat adventures led her. Can you really trust your best friend? Why does your brother act like a jerk? Is your boyfriend really who you think he is? And, you can trust a cop...can't you?

      When your life's threatened, who do you trust? Everyone looks suspicious... At first it seems to aerobic instructor Jessica Albright that she may have found love online when she meets Gary Burke. But just when things are warming up, her new acquaintance turns weird. Jessie swears off the chat line and is introduced to handsome Kent Morgan by her girlfriend, computer programmer Elizabeth Barrow. Jessie immediately falls for Kent who appears to like her too.

Threatening messages begin appearing on Jessie’s e-mail, and Jessie has reason to suspect Kent, when Liz puts doubts in her mind. But after Jessie's mom dies Liz does an about-face.
Confused and fed up, Jessie seeks police help from good-looking Ricardo Alvarez. But too late she discovers that Ricardo has his own agenda. Liz and Kent team up to try and save Jessie from the danger she's walked into. But can they outsmart the calculating and sick mind of Ricardo Alvarez? Or does Jessie have to do that herself?


Blonde, tousled hair fell across a woman's face. Ricardo
stared at her torn clothes and smeared lipstick. She looked up at him. "Help me. I was raped," her small voice begged.

"Liz?" Jessie yelled.

Ricardo's stunned face whipped from woman to woman. Suddenly, Kent slammed into the room and cuffed him from behind. Ricardo spun round and aimed his gun at Kent's head. Kent's flying foot kicked at the gun and sent Ricardo smashing against the dresser. The gun hurdled across the room but not before Ricardo had fired it. Kent's lifeless body folded like an accordion and lay face down on the carpet.

Ricardo struggled to regain his footing and noticed that the woman had untied Jessie, and that the gun now rested on the bed within Jessie's reach. 

In a flash Jessie seized the gun. She held it in both hands, arms outstretched, pointing it straight at Ricardo.

"Put it down," he commanded, "before you hurt someone."

The weakness in Jessie's arms caused uncontrollable shaking in her hands. She tried to concentrate, but the earlier sight of watching Kent crumple to the floor and lay motionless by the door was more than she could bear. She loved him and he was down...maybe dead. What mattered now? 

"Give me the gun, Jessica." Ricardo's smooth voice attracted her attention. She faced him with tears brimming in her eyes. How could she aim the gun with tears in her eyes? She'd never fired a gun, but this man deserved to die, and she was the only one who could end this tense situation.

"Give me the gun, Jessica," he repeated stealing silently closer to her, his hand reaching forward for the gun.

Jessie's finger pressed on the trigger. She squeezed her eyes shut and a trembling took over her body. The gun faltered and her grip was useless. She'd lost control and Ricardo was upon her like a fox with a chicken. In an instant, he reclaimed the weapon and slid it into his holster. He grabbed Jessie's arm pulling her from the bed like she was a rag doll.

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