Saturday, 26 January 2013

New Author Page

Hi all,
Just a note to let you know that I have set up an author page where I will be listing not only my current books but also projects that I am now working on. 
Presently I am working on six different books. Missing Link, which is book three of the Dream Series, which starts with 1964: Chasing A Dream. Marlee Sweet is pursuing her dreams of finding lasting love with Joe Fontaine.  After her travels and disappointments in the southern states, Marlee is once again heading back to Canada to wonder if her dream will ever come true. 

In the second book Facing Reality, Marlee makes some tough decisions which include marriage, a singing career, a divorce and finally an unplanned pregnancy. Leaving New York, she once again heads home to Canada to have her baby and to face the harsh reality of life. She thinks that life is worthwhile once again when she meets Sam. But like previous men in her life, Sam disappoints her. With two daughters now grown, Marlee strikes out on her own again to find her lost love, Joe.
In this book, Missing Link, Maree purchases a cottage in Biloxi, Mississippi and heads south once again to be with Joe. But hardships and disappointments continue to fill her life. Her time with Joe is bittersweet, but finally they share something very special, something they could not attain in the younger years. 

Other books I am working on are: The Vampire and the Lady, Haisha: The Bright Light (science fiction) On an Ordinary Day (fantasy) Mr. Godfrey (general and humour) Who's Been Sleeping in my Bed? (murder mystery)  and Ruby's Ring (a story of Alzheimers and a family).

In other posts I will list more about these other works in progress. 
In the meantime, why not drop by my new author website Carol Marlene Smith and take a look. You can LIKE my page if you should wish to and see what's going on there. I'd love to have you join my website and take part in the discussions there, etc. 
Have a happy day and keep reading and writing! 

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