Thursday, 6 December 2012

Things are Looking Up!

Hey all,
Just clicked the link today to publish Angel's Blessing. It took longer than I had anticipated as I had to read the whole book over again and check for any errors or formatting problems. Changed the cover a bit. It will be about 5 or 6 days before it's available along with my e book on Amazon.
I am now waiting to receive the print proof copy of Angel's Retreat which is the sequel to Angel's Blessing. Right now I have started working on a print version of 1964: Chasing A Dream. That will take awhile since I just got started yesterday and it's a much longer novel than the previous two I've mentioned. 

My Createspace experience was very good. At first I had some formatting problems and still have a few with the latest book, but I am sure I will work with them. Sometimes listing a problem on the Createspace form is helpful. Lots of helpful people out there in cyberspace.

I will let you know when Angel's Blessing is available on Amazon. Right now it is already listed in the Createspace store. 

It was exciting to receive my first copy of Angel's Blessing and maybe one of these days I will do a Give Away on here, so stay tuned.

Right now must get back to working on 1964: Chasing A Dream. I should be going to bed instead but when I get in the working mood, neither sleep nor anything else can get in the way of it. Happy Reading and Writing everyone. 

If you might like to win a copy of Angel's Blessing, let me know what you think.

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