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This is the beginning of a novel. I have no idea where it is going from here. I thought I'd post it. Maybe someone might have some comments on where they think I should go from here. What do you think happened to Marla? Where do you think she is? Perhaps she has gone into the past, it certainly seems so. How do you think she will get back to 2012? Or maybe she won't get back.

It was an ordinary day. Marla Pike went into the bathroom to get her vacuum cleaner. She opened the closet door and gasped. Immediately a serene feeling swept over her body and she felt as if she were being bathed in a warm glow.
Her eyes beheld a serene setting. A path wound ahead of her eyes surrounded by tall weeping trees. Under the trees colourful birds hopped and played. A squirrel skittered up one of the tree trunks.
Marla felt as if she might faint, her head was swimming in the glory before her. As if in a trance, she stepped onto the path and immediately felt warmth under her feet. She was compelled to follow the road while listening to the songs of the birds that now rose and flew around her head. The path continued for about five minutes before she started on an uphill climb. It felt to Marla as if she was in a beautiful dream and this is exactly what she imagined was going on.
But, as she reached the top of the hill, she smelled smoke. As she peered over the hilltop the valley below lay in ruins. Dead soldiers lay everywhere, others crying out from their wounds. Where was this place and was she now in a nightmare?
She wanted to wake up but was too stunned by the horror below her to even move. Continuing in her dreamlike walk, she now almost felt as if she were floating down the hill. She reached the bottom in an instant and was hurrying towards the soldiers to see if she might help someone, when suddenly, they all disappeared and there was nothing but an ordinary meadow. There was even a horse standing by a fence mechanically chewing on some grass. The horse was beautiful, all silver and shiny, sleek and lean. It looked like it could ride with the wind. Before she could have another thought, she was mounted on the horses back and it was trotting across the meadow.
Marla had never been on horseback in her life but she found this amazingly easy. As she looked around her, it seemed the same birds were following her, lovely colourful, green, yellow and red birds. They glided along beside the horse as if leading the way. When they turned, the horse turned also. They rode along the fence for a bit then suddenly the horse reared up on his hind legs and floated easily over the fence. He landed softly and Marla barely felt his hoofs touch the ground.
As they glided forwarded she could see a small cabin in the distance. The horse took her directly there and stopped at the gate of a small picket fence that surrounded the cabin. Marla felt her feet magically touch the ground and with the birds still around her head, she opened the gate and walked up to the cabin door. As she was about to knock, the door fell open. Marla stood before an old fashioned room with a few cupboards, a sink and a pump attached to the side of the sink. There was an open hearth and a pot hung across it. Steam rose from the pot as a small fire blazed beneath it.
A tall wooden rocking chair stood before the fireplace. A long rifle was attached above the fireplace. It looked like something right out of an old movie from the eighteen hundreds, or that is how Marla saw it.
In the far corner of the room was a bed covered with an old-style quilt. The walls of the cabin were hewn logs. A few shelves were attached to the walls holding utensils and a few black and white pictures.
Marla moved closer and examined the pictures. The people did not look like they were from the eighteen hundreds. Rather they looked more modern, like pictures she’d seen of the early nineteen forties or fifties. What a strange setup. Marla expected to wake up at any time and figured she must have fallen asleep while she had been thinking of vacuuming. She was certainly fully aware of the morning she had just experienced in 2012. But it was now afternoon and from the placement of the sun, it would soon be evening. And, this was certainly not something that was very common to see in her time and life. Perhaps she had ventured onto a movie set. She turned from the photos and was slightly aware that the birds had disappeared. She walked to the dusty window and peered outside. She could not see the horse where she had left it.
“I must be dreaming,” she said out loud, and her voice seemed to echo as if she were speaking in a chamber. “Hello?” she called out. “Is anyone here?”
Only silence answered her, since the birds had left the air was quiet. If she had still not been surrounded by the peaceful calm that had accompanied her from the closet, she might have been very afraid. But she was not. Instead she started to feel very sleepy. “I will have a nap,” she said to the cabin. “And when I wake up, I will be in my own house with my vacuum in my hand.”
She walked to the bed and calmly lay upon it on her back. She stared at the dark ceiling and watched a spider making its way across one of the boards. She noticed that it was walking towards its web, and in the web she saw three flies. The spider was about to have its evening meal.
She recalled feeling hungry but before she could have another thought, she was asleep. When she awoke, it was dark, pitch black and at first she was startled and sat up on the bed catching her breath. Then the calmness returned along with warmth that surrounded her body.
Marla rose and seemed to be guided towards the mantle that surrounded the fireplace. Her hand immediately found a candle and a bunch of matches. She struck a match and the light flared brightly. She touched it to the candle and a soft flame danced before her. She set the candle on a small wooden table and walked to the cupboard. She opened one of the doors and saw a loaf of bread and a jar of jam. She took them both down and found a knife and a spoon.
Although she had never been in the cabin before, she seemed to know exactly where everything was. 

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