Thursday, 27 September 2012


Here's a little update of my book list at Goodreads. It's not complete but have a look and see if you might like any of them. Right now I have a few short stories Free on and Death and Deceit my latest mystery/suspense novel is also Free for a period of time. 
Here's the link to my Facebook's Goodread link.

I know...I've not been writing anything substantial on here for a while now. I've been backlogged with yard work and other things. Hope to have a new post up soon! Please don't give up on me, lots of past stuff on here to read. I was a good girl once, wrote almost every week. Oh well, when winter comes I will probably do more blogging. Usually I like to write about writing and that is why I have been lagging here as it takes some time and thought into preparing a post about writing that might be useful to someone. I have a list of titles...just have to fill out the posts that might pertain to them. I might get on a roll one of these days. I haven't given up on my blog so I'll be sticking around. Hope you will stick with me. And please, if you haven't joined my blog, you can do so and also you can subscribe so you will know when I make a new post. 

Hope all are enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Yesterday I had to mow the grass again. Thought I was over with that for the season but it just keeps growing. Now, can you see why I never seem to find the time to update lately?

I'm also working on about three or four new novels. Working on The Vampire and the Lady, Who's Colleen Sutton? and a novel about another world...that's a first for me. I have never been into science fiction, but it's kinda fun to write. I also need to work on Missing Link which is the third book in my Dream Series, first being Chasing A Dream, second Facing Reality. These books are scooting right now and I need to get the third one up by sometime winter 2013. Yikes, I have a lot to do. I just don't know which to work on first, maybe all of them at once? Interesting. Happy Reading and Writing everyone! If you've read any of my books, please make a comment and let me know which ones and how you enjoyed them. 

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