Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What Does Age Mean?

In three days I will be turning 70. I wonder, how did I get here? You could answer, the same as everyone else. That is true. Life moves on and before we know it life is running out. 
No more thinking, oh well, I will do that in thirty years. Or, that's a good investment for my future. You see for me, the future is now here. All the dreams, all the possibilities, they've either come or they've gone. 

I wonder what I should be feeling? As it stands of today, I am feeling nothing. To me, it will probably just be another day. Maybe that's because I feel so good everyday. I am lucky I guess. And when there is nothing keeping you from doing whatever you want, then age really has no meaning at all.

So, I won't go into a slump, a depression, or I won't be gleefully thankful that I made it this far. Sure I'm thankful and I appreciate every day. Maybe it's because I do appreciate every day and acknowledge every day that I am appreciative, that another birthday doesn't bother me.

So Happy Birthday to me and let's rock and roll some more! Yep, keep on rockin'. That's what I'm going to do.

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