Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Come Visit My Nova Scotia

If you haven't been, now might be the perfect time to visit Nova Scotia. The weather is beautiful and when fall arrives it will be stunning. Beautifully coloured trees, long, warm days right up to November and sometimes beyond. You can never tell what the weather will do.
However, there is still so much to see. Annapolis Royal with its beautiful gardens, the amazing Blomidon Look Off  that gives you a clear, large view of the Valley. Many concerts and jamborees, vineyards for wine tasting and to purchase some excellent wine.
Visit Wolfville's Acadia University. It's small but grand. I could go on and on, but just look up Nova Scotia and you will find lots to see and do. What I am mentioning is just in my area alone. Oh, did I mention the lobster at Hall's Harbour or the Digby scallops?
Hope to see you soon! Let me know if you are coming.

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