Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Amazon Select and Free Book

 Last year I wrote a post here Amazon KDP Select, To Be or Not to Be in which I discussed the pros and cons of using the Select program. 
About a month ago I decided to try it out. So, since I had a short story ready to publish, I entered it in the Select program at Amazon. 

Now, there are two ways that people read books on the Select program. They download when a book goes Free, or they borrow. Since my short story was very short, I was not that disappointed when so far, I have received no borrows. Since the readers in the program have to pay a monthly fee for borrowing a number of books, I am not sure if it's five or what a month, then if it was me, I'd be making sure that I downloaded a novel that I was interested in, not waste one of my borrows on a short story. 

Therefore I cannot really make an accurate appraisal of the program on one short story. I have used up two free days and had a number of downloads. And tomorrow, August 30, I am offering the short story My Husband Died Because of Me for free once more. I have two more free days left until my three months are up, which will be sometime in September. 

Once my time is up, I will not be renewing into the program. This does not mean that I think the program is a failure, only that it has seemed to be for this particular short story. Now, I might try the Select program again sometime. I would never enter a book that I already have published because I would not remove any books from other distributors, some which are selling well. It would have to be a completely new book and this time, if I do venture to do it again, it will be a full-length novel. I think it would only be fair to enter a novel into the program before I judge what I think of it. 

If anyone here would like a free, short read, you can download My Husband Died Because of Me all day tomorrow and evening. If you decide to, please take a moment after to write a short review with your thoughts. I have one review at the moment but it's not a very good one. It's a two-star from a reader who seemed very disappointed with the story in that she found it depressing. I agree, it might come across as depressing to some, but not all stories are based on happiness. That is life. And after all, it is just a fictional tale, no need to get upset over the actions of the characters. Some people just seem to take things way too seriously. 

That's all I have to say for this time. I hope everyone is enjoying the final days of August. It was a beautiful month, weather warm and perfect for the most part, just the way I love it. I'm looking forward to a nice, long, peaceful fall, sans hurricanes. Happy Reading everyone.

Link to free book: My Husband Died Because of Me

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