Thursday, 19 July 2012

Me and My New Baby Taylor

Well, I've been jamming now for three weeks. A little over a week ago I found Baby. 

Now, isn't she the prettiest little thing? And I really mean little. Just right for me. For years I played without a pick, but I've decided to start using one. It makes Baby sound so much better. I'm really happy to be taking up playing and singing again. I'm not going to win any awards but I'm going to have fun. Heck, I already have fun. I have sore finger tips, but they're getting used to the strings. 

It's late here, after 2 a.m. so I guess I should cut this short. I'll try and come back and write something more substantial soon. With writing, yard work, and now playing guitar, I'm so busy I hardly get out on my bike. One thing, I never get bored. Cheers!

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