Friday, 6 July 2012

Another Beautiful Day in Nova Scotia

Well, since I have my fence almost complete, I feel like I can take a breather. Was out jamming last night. Do people still call it that? Anyway, I haven't played guitar in so long that my fingertips are burning today. 
Not sure if I should play tonight or let the fingertips rest a day or so. I want to get the callouses back so just not sure how long to wait while they are hurting.

Anyway, was out guitar shopping yesterday and saw a couple of small ones. One was a Denver the other a Taylor. You sure could tell the difference and I guess you get what you pay for. I liked the size of both but the Taylor was by far a better sound and of course higher price. It was a mini Taylor. So I didn't buy, not yet. Came home, checked them out online and discovered the Baby Taylor. 

Unfortunately my store is out of stock right now, but I'm looking around for a used one. Doubt I will find one. If not I will probably buy a new one. I watched some videos on You Tube of guys playing the Baby and it sure sounded nice. But then again when one can really play almost any guitar can sound pretty sweet.

Other than that, just biding my time until Sunday when I get to see my grandson and spend time with him. He's just two and absolute fun to be around. Looking forward to my birthday in August, well I guess I am. I'm turning 70 and I guess that's okay. I feel great, people say I look great, and I enjoy every day so what can be wrong with 70? The sixties were fun, and by that I mean the age although the 1960s were fun too. I was young then but feel like I enjoy life more now. I sort of appreciate it more now.

I don't get on here much, busy writing, yard work, now back to the guitar and singing. So much to do and I want to do it all for as long as I can. Really need to get more biking time in. Have a great day, everyone. I hope that someone is reading this and I am not just typing into the abyss. How's your day, everyone?

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