Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I've been so busy writing my newest novel, Angel's Retreat, that I've barely had time for anything else, but today I'd like to talk about book videos or book trailers as some call them. So far I've done four of them. I have videos on You Tube, Amazon, and Smashwords for Angel's Blessing, Angel's Retreat1964: Chasing A Dream and Facing Reality

The last two are part of a series called the Dream Series. Although I enjoy making these book videos, I'm not sure they are doing any good as far as a marketing tool. I get hits on You Tube but so far no comments. I don't know how many people view them on Amazon or Smashwords. 

I've also listed them on Blazing Trailers and other websites. So with no feedback, I don't know if it's worth doing or not. I do them because of the creative aspect and how much fun it is to put them together. I use Windows Movie Maker and although I'm sure there are other more advanced methods of doing so, this is my tool of choice because it's free. 

I find a lot of images online and I have found a great website site for music. I get most of my music from CC Mixter and images from FreeDigitalPhotos. The only stipulation is to give them credit at the end of the video. I also use some of my own photos, or music from artistic friends.

The one thing I wonder about is whether a video helps or hinders a book. I've been reading some comments from forums and some people feel that a book video is not what they want to see. They prefer to imagine what the people look like and so on. Some people think a book video has no place in the marketing of a book. Others like the idea. Some really like to look at videos and use that knowledge along with a book's description (which is always placed next to the video) to decide whether they want to purchase. 

When I make a video, I don't use words from a book's description. I try to take a new approach using sentences about my characters and the plot of the story. I believe a video should be vague. It is short, to-the-point sentences with a picture to help describe the moment. 

Whether book videos are a help or not remains to be seen I suppose. For those who enjoy making them then they should carry on. Some people have a book video produced professionally. I think there are two sides to that. One, that it would certainly be a much more detailed video, maybe even more like a movie trailer; but secondly, this does take away from the enjoyment and first-hand knowledge that an author can put into it. 

Have you ever watched a book video? Would you? Have you made book videos? Do you think they are a good selling factor to accompany a book? Movie trailers have become a norm and maybe someday book trailers will as well.

I don't know if I will make anymore book videos. They do take up a lot of time that could be used for writing. But then again anything that is marketing related takes time and for me, they are a labour of love. 

Hope you all have a great day and find this informative.

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