Thursday, 22 March 2012


                        From out of the darkness...came the light.
                              GETTING BLOGGED DOWN.

There are so many bloggers on the Internet. Don’t you sometimes get bogged down, or blogged down? You can’t read them all, and I’m sure there are many hundreds that I would love to be reading everyday.

However, since I am a writer, I don’t have the time. I barely have the time to write on my own blog, as can be seen by my lack of presence here lately.

What we need is something to lead us to the right blogs for us. Of course, you say, there are search engines and that is true. But is that enough? That takes time as well, searching down the ones you want to read, then reading them. And if you really want to be involved in what you read, you should leave comments. These bloggers don’t just blog to hear themselves type. They are looking for feedback.

I look for feedback, but I rarely ever get any. Makes me wonder if anyone reads what I write. And, if that’s the case, I am writing to myself. Oh well, you can then consider it an online diary. But what I write is not personal, it’s supposed to be practical, and it’s about writing.

I try and share a bit of what I’ve picked up and learned over the many years of writing. If I can help someone else to cut corners when writing, then that makes me happy. But if I never get any comments, how am I to know if I am helping anyone or not? So I guess that is why I am blogged down.

I try to guide the way for those that need to be guided, and I learn something myself each time, so in a way I am also guiding myself.
In my blog I write about writing. 

In writing a story, let’s start with what is happening. At the beginning don’t bother with a lot of back story. That is what gets readers bogged down and bored. Start with the action. The pivotal point of entering the story. The point where everything else will go from. Later you can lead your readers back to the past for a brief summary, a few sentences here and there should do. Pages and pages of back story are not what a reader is looking for, because it stops the action.

SPRING FORWARD: If you are not beginning with an exciting moment, maybe full of suspense, maybe terror, or any number of other moments that will catch fire to your readers interest, then you might be starting out with an event, like a wedding, a funeral, a baby’s birth, a graduation. These are just a few things that might be of interest. But just at the moment when your reader might be starting to get a little bored with this scenario, you throw in a wrench that stops the wheels dead, and you take a whole different direction. With this direction comes trouble, lots of it. Now it’s up to the characters to solve the problems and find a way back to where they were before all the change and trouble began. Little guideposts along the way will lead the story to a satisfactory conclusion, or NOT. And, the reader will come to the end, happily…or NOT.

Not all books end with a satisfactory ending, but all books do end, one way or the other. Personally, I sometimes like a book that leaves me with more than one choice of a plausible ending. Some people hate that. But being a writer I like to imagine what is left unsaid.

So take your reader on a journey with you. Never leave them behind or running to catch up. There are some things that can remain unsaid and a reader will pick them up. In fact a lot of readers don’t like to be told every little thing in a story. It sounds condescending, and readers really want to put a little imagination into the read and come up with some of their own theories at times.

Writers…guide the way. Readers…want a road map. Happy reading and writing everyone!

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