Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Calling Upon the Positive Power of the Universe

The positive power of writing, the power of reading, the positive power of thinking, are all minute parts of the universe.
Nothing is accomplished in anyone’s life without the power of the universe. Have you ever stated that you really wanted something? Maybe you’ve stated it many times over a number of months or even years, then one day you find yourself in the position of enjoying that very thing. That is the power of the universe.

The universe grants many wishes or thoughts. We just need to pay attention. And we need to want that thing with sincerity. Right now I want to sell books. Why do I want to sell books? Mainly for the money. I am being honest. But the power that arrives from the selling of many books in the form of monetary gain is substantial in many ways.

I want to help people. I know I could do more to help people everyday without a cent probably. But I want to help people in a big way. You might say I want to play God for a while. By giving someone something they so need to help them out in their lives, whether it is a place to live, a different lifestyle, or just a meal when someone is hungry. I want to be able to do things for people and watch the change in their lives. This does not mean buying someone a new car, or sending them on a shopping trip, bur rather working behind the scenes in subtle ways to increase their standard of living in a spiritual and loving way, not so much in a materialistic way.

But let’s face it. Money helps. Those that say that money is evil are misled. Money is never evil. Think of all the good that is done with money. Maybe it goes more like the want of money is evil, but even then I don’t think that is right either. To want money is not evil. If you have a family and your family is starving or on the street, is it evil to wish for money to be able to find a warm, comforting place for your children to lay their heads?

What if you see someone whose dreams are put on hold because they haven’t the financial means to pursue them. Should that person’s talents and drive be lost just because there was no money to propel them towards it?

I watch the news like anyone else, and there have been so many times that I have seen occasions where I would think, if I had money, I would make that happen for that person.

Just recently there was a transit strike and I heard of a man who was in a wheelchair. He couldn’t take the bus to his work as he normally had, and in the winter months he had to  drive his wheelchair on the streets to work. He damaged his wheelchair to the point where he could no longer use it. Then he was left to wonder how he was going to get to work. I watched it and I wished I had the money. I would have been on the phone so fast to the TV station that broadcast the story, with my donation and where to send it to the person who not only should be given a new wheelchair, but also the funds necessary for this person to take a cab to work everyday until the strike was settled. This person was doing the best that he could. He had courage, strength, and stamina. He was behind the eight ball for no reason of his own. Those are the kinds of people I would wish to help.

So, yeah, I want to be rich so I can enrich other people’s lives. Will it ever happen? I am doing my best to try and make that happen. I work many long hours a day writing. I stay up late into the night writing. I pursue it like a hound after a rabbit. I am relentless on my quest. Yet I don’t see the rewards from writing, but I go on because that is what I do. That is my gift, what is yours? How can you make another person’s life better today? How can you make another person’s life better tomorrow? I am hoping someday I will have the opportunity to put into practice what I want to happen. I live in hope and positive energy.
Happy reading and writing everyone. May the force be with you!

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