Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hello from Sick Bay

I'd like to be writing some words of wisdom here, but instead I'm sitting here with a plugged up nose and a headache, and something that has been invading my body for the past five days. Whatever it is, it doesn't want to give up easily.

Makes sleeping difficult,and even getting through the day. Facing Reality has been put on the back burner for awhile, along with my newest revision of Chasing a Dream. I pulled it off Smashwords published books for the time being because I can't get through the new revision. I just found there were (to my horror) too many errors in it to leave it there. How does that happen after proof reading and thinking you caught everything?

Excuse me, I just came off of a coughing spell, they aren't very pretty, believe me. I am sure almost everyone out there has gone through or might be going through the same thing. It's a bad bug and I'm someone who rarely gets sick. 

Anyway I have been working on Angel's Retreat. I'm on about Chapter Ten and over the half way mark. I have to stop now and re read to see how it flows. The book is all new to me so I am not that familiar with it as to remember what I wrote back in Chapter Four or so. 

I don't know if this is going to be any good, but day by day I write a chapter if I can. I'm not quite sure yet how it's all going to end. I still have to come up with a dang good climax and that part I am mulling over in my mind, trying to brew it up. Anyone know how to make climax stew? Might be a good topic for a post someday.

Just wanted to check in here so you know I'm still around. I hate blogs without fresh material on them and I feel guilty when I can't update as I would like to. Have to get up now and walk around, bang my head about a bit and try to clear it from it's stuffiness. 

Wishing you all a happy writing and reading day. Cheers! And, oh, good health.

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