Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Anyone who is interested in a nostalgic read, might want to check out 1964: Chasing a Dream. It's FREE right now  at Smashwords

Here's a short description:

Take a nostalgic ride through the sixties. Come along with Marlee Sweet as she leaves her native home in Canada and travels to the southern states on a Trailways bus. Marlee meets sailor Joe in Halifax and is determined to visit him in his home town of New Orleans. But first she must make a stopover in New York to grow up a bit.
From New Orleans to Mobile, to Montgomery then onward to Birmingham, Atlanta and finally Tennessee, it’s a whirlwind of love, romance, adventure, tragedy, heartbreak, deceit and danger. From Joe's arms to a conniving Bobby Barnes, Marlee goes from girl to woman learning the ropes of life.
Live through the tragic moments of the Kennedy assignation; experience the Beatles first visit to the US on the Ed Sullivan Show: Walk past Martin Luther King’s church in Montgomery. Eat a hotdog from Chris's in Montgomery with Marlee and Bobby: Take a stroll through the French Quarter in New Orleans with Marley and Joe. Visit Napoleon House and have a laugh while Marlee writes poetry and a poet reads it aloud. Visit Beale Street and marvel at the statue of WC Handy. Take a walk in the African-Americans’ shoes from the old south.
Each day brings a new adventure and a new decision it seems. In the end it all comes down to choices, and the ones Marlee makes will change her life forever.

1964: Chasing a Dream is the first book in the Dream Series. 

Coming soon,  Book Two: Facing Reality.
The second book takes Marlee back to Canada where she stays awhile then heads back to the US of A. 
Her adventures are many and eventually she ends up back in Nova Scotia to live a peaceful, quiet life...or so it seems, until Joe comes back in her life. 

I'm editing this one right now, should be available within the next few days. 
Marlee's adventures continue in Book Three, Missing Link, not available yet.

There are two more books in the Dream Series: Afterglow, and Raging Nightmare.

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