Tuesday, 10 January 2012


What’s it take to be a writer? Does it take persistence, patience, courage, charisma, tolerance? Do you have what it takes?

It probably takes all of the above and more. What I know is that a positive attitude is a must. There are so many downs, so many twists and turns that drag you away from the goal you are after.

You write, you think, you put your best foot forward, and you give it all you’ve got. You believe, anyway. Things start off slowly, you worry. That little voice inside, that negative one, keeps nagging at you, telling you that you are wasting your time. But you don’t want to listen. Sometimes you do though.

Then things start to look up. And why did they? Some outside force made it happen. Sales start appearing, you get excited. You were right not to listen to that little voice that only wants to drag you down. You are exhilarated, you feel so good that you start back at your work with zest.

You write and you edit, and you read your words, and you laugh and you cry. This is you being you, doing what you know you are meant to do.

Another outside force and sales begin to wane. Guess who’s back? Mr. Negative in your head again. Why do you even think to call yourself a writer? You are a fool, wasting your time.You bounce back with, I have the ability, I have the talent, and it goes on and on. In order to keep up with this bouncing back and forth from euphoria to doomsday, a writer must have stamina, guts. Good attributes.

Even if no one supports you, you must carry on. You have to. There is no other way. Otherwise what are you going to do with all those characters in your head? You will drive yourself crazy trying to keep the voices down. You have to write them out of your head. Give them a life, a place to go, other characters to talk to. They need a purpose, just like you.

Being a writer is a bit of a challenge most of the time, because it never ends. You will never be rid of characters in your head, until you close your eyes for the last time, then who knows? Maybe you will meet up with them in the after world and they will all be clamouring around you asking why they didn’t get the chance to be in a book. It might never end.

So, for now, content yourself with the fact that you have lovely attributes, and those attributes will get your through, in this world anyway. Carry on and write and read and do what you do best. There’s no other way. Happy Writing and Reading everyone!


  1. Hi, I just started my blog about positive thinking and yes you are wright:
    ''Being a writer is a bit of a challenge most of the time.''
    But positive thinking works fast and thanks to it, it's possible to achieve impossible. :-)


  2. Positive thinking = positive writing. I will be sure and check out your blog. Have fun with it.