Monday, 7 November 2011

Socializing With Your Characters

Just because you have found the characters to suit your present story, doesn’t mean that you can go ahead now and have them relax and mingle and argue and make love.

Nope, meeting your characters for the first time is just a first impression. Some of the characters might stay exactly the same as you know them now, but most of them will grow and change. So you must grow and change with them.

Don’t hesitate when one of your characters acts out of character. You need to go along with the charade and see where it will take you. You will probably find that nine times out of ten, it will not be pointless. Rather it will be an experience, a journey that will carry you along into your characters’ world, and all you have to do is type.

Isn’t that easy? And just for the record here are a few things NOT to do.

  • Don’t be prissy or a stuffed shirt. When your character looks and acts a certain way, go along with it and see where it is heading.

  •  Don’t linger too long over dialogue. Just let your fingers fly over the keyboard and have faith that what your characters are saying is what they should be saying.

  • Don’t try to pair up your characters too quickly.What you believe might be a perfect match, might not work out at all, once a new character comes on the scene. Yeah you didn’t see that guy hiding behind the curtain, but now it changes everything.

I’m just saying that if you get too uptight about your dyed in the wool ideas, your dialogue and characters could come off looking and sounding stilted, and stiff. Better to let them loosen up and listen to them. I always say, the characters make their own story. The author has only to listen, learn and type.

Do you think it’s actually that easy and that your characters learn to socialize and develop all by themselves? How do you feel about your characters? Do you see them? Do you hear their voices? Do you feel their happiness and their pain?

I may be crazy but I learn to know my characters quite quickly. So don’t be a stranger around your characters, socialize with them. After all, they do live in your head, so no matter what they do, you still have control. Scary to think though that one might get loose sometime. Now there’s a story for you. Happy Writing and Reading everyone!

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