Saturday, 5 November 2011


Woke up the other morning and wanted to write but had no idea where to start. That’s where the prompts come in.  Choose a few topics and jot them down. Maybe you might just start with throwing a few words on the paper or your computer. After awhile some of these words might find their way into sentences and then paragraphs. All you really need in order to begin to write is an idea or maybe several ideas. Eventually you will cull out the rest and choose the best and begin your story.

You might go in one direction or you might return to your original prompts and start over or borrow from what you didn’t use before. Eventually you will have a smooth flowing idea that will carry you away. If you had originally been writing a story and got stuck, this prompting will help you to get back in the mood, and whether you carry any of your ideas back with you to your former writing or not is not the point.
The point of a prompt is to get you going. Here are a few you might want to borrow…be my guest. 

 1. It had been a long evening and Mary was exhausted. 

2. The morning was like a crisp white piece of paper, and the snow crackled under foot as if it might have been folded that way.
3. Jake realized that he would not get going too early that day. He had wanted to, but Patsy’s lack of organization had held them back again.

4. It wasn’t easy to be Harold’s son. When you had a dad that expected the impossible from you, what did you have to lose anyway?  

5. She wished she had never started the race. 

6. Flashes of light were everywhere but for a blind girl it didn’t matter. 

7. “Hurry up, Joe. We ain’t got all day to get this cabin cleaned up. Old Mr. Tatem will be here afore we know it and lessen you want a whippin’ again, better get busy.”

So, use your imagination to its fullest and list those prompts. Just start writing, word after word after word. It will all begin to make sense sooner or later and before you know it, you’ll be on a roll again. Happy Writing and Reading everyone!


  1. I do this all the time! Fun reading your thoughts. Looking forward to following your site!

    - Matt

  2. Thanks Matt,
    Welcome aboard. One of my hopes is that I can pass on some writing info here that might help other writers, and it's fun to write a blog about writing.