Sunday, 6 November 2011

Magical Coat

Today I am promoting my new short story, Magical Coat.

It is available at  Smashwords. This is a cute Christmas Story and appropriate for this time of year, me thinks. So here are the details. 

Was it a Christmas gift? Jean Bishop was lost and out of work in New York City until one day when she found a coat in a second hand shop. A wondrous change swept over her, and she suddenly felt as if she were now okay and able to begin her new life. Starving and unable to find work, she was now filled with new hope and stumbled into a coffee shop where she had never been before. Orphaned at sixteen she had to make a life of her own and it was cold and wintery all around her.
Don Richards had bought the coffee shop three years earlier and was struggling to make ends meet. He saw something special in Jean and hired her on the spot. It was a magical Christmas all around and when spring finally came in the air, Don and Jean's lives had changed dramatically. What was it about that coat that had the power to change a person's self confidence? 

You can read it online right on your laptop, or your Kindle, IPad, Kobo, Sony reader, download it PDF, RTF or LRF, even Palm Doc or Plain Text, that is the beauty of Smashwords, and it's only 99 cents. Of course it's a short story so I wouldn't expect anyone to pay more than that. It's kind of a feel good story and makes one stop and think about the power of thought, which is almost as good as the power of writing. 

Happy Writing and Reading everyone!


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    Barbara Rayne

  2. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for following. I am now following you also and your book looks amazingly interesting. I must get over to read the sample soon. Happy Writing!