Saturday, 26 November 2011


 This post is a bit off-topic but it is all writing I guess and trying to find something positive out of everything. I will begin:

Once upon a time there were three little kittens. I was first introduced to them at the bottom of a water pail. My husband at the time who was a dairy farmer brought them over from the barn for me to see.

I was doing some gardening after being away for about a month, (things were in shambles) and I didn’t want to be bothered. My first reaction upon being told about the discovery of the kittens was, take them away. Then I made the mistake of looking in the bucket.

Three little black faces looked up at me. One of the little faces that had white on it, hissed at me. I took that as meaning I’m scared. This of course instantly melted my heart and I had to dive in and pull them gently out one by one. So tiny, so soft, and so DIRTY!
My next reaction was to dump them all out onto the grass and watch them scurry up a nearby snowball bush. I had to peek through the branches to see them, all hiding amongst the leaves.

Pretty soon they came down and scattered over the lawn, one taking a trip down the road. I hurried to catch up with it but it seemed to disappear in the ditch. So I came back to collect the other two and took them in the house.

By now my young daughter was curiously looking over my shoulder. We took them up to the bathtub and gave them both a good and needed scrub. They actually seemed to enjoy it and didn’t object when we fluffed and dried them with towels.

We brought them to the kitchen and I put out a saucer of milk. These little kittens who had never drunk milk before from a dish were instant experts. That night I found a tall cardboard box and put them inside. They slept in the kitchen.

Next morning as I opened the box to peek inside, there was not two kittens but THREE!
My husband had found the missing kitten and brought it in and put it with the others in the early morning. I was upset. This third kitten had now contaminated my two clean babies. So up to the bathroom again, (after much drama and talk) to once again bath the kittens. The third kitten had longer fur and so I took the hairdryer to that one. He seemed to enjoy it so much that I gave the other two a little bit of warmth as well. This was July so it was only comfort warmth.

After that the little kittens flourished. Each night I put them together in a pet carrying case and locked the door and left them to sleep in the downstairs hall. When I would get up each morning I would open the door and peek in to see a big ball of black fur all rolled together in the back of the carrier. Summer flew by and I took the kittens on outings to run up and down the lane and also to scurry off in the grass for near-by adventures.

Winter came and the kittens continued to sleep in the cat carrier. During the day they spent some time in the kitchen playing and romping and falling over one another, and when I had to go out, they were sent to the sun porch where I often found them upon return curled up in a basket on the book shelf.

This is part one of the story of the three kittens. Next time I will tell you about how they got their names and how they liked to fight over a mouse. Also (with a little luck) how they happened to be found in the first place.

Until next time Happy Reading and Writing everyone!

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