Tuesday, 29 November 2011


"People are like stained glass windows; they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within." ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross~

I was always a wanderer, but that did not mean I travelled a lot. During my childhood I did pretty much what I am doing now. I wrote stories, poems and drew pictures of my dog and cats, and I dreamed of far away places.

Today, I write novels, blog, and paint animals. My main mission in life is to just be here. I still dream of far away places and some I have visited.

There were many times throughout my lifetime when I so wished for someone to just be there for me. Alas that was not often the case, so I learned from a young age to rely on myself.

If I was going to make it in this world as a happy, peaceful person, who might in some small way influence another, then it was up to me to make that happen. I still believe that and follow the same path diligently.
I have never moved mountains or caused the earth to move for anyone, but in my own small way I do believe I have made life a little easier for some others. I do believe from what I have been told that I have made a difference.I am happy about this because there were so many years that I was not happy. I spent too many years in the dark hole trying to crawl my way out.

Writing was my saving grace. So I try to light my light through writing positively. I hope that whoever reads my blogging posts or my novels, comes away feeling more positive and peaceful than before they began to read.

I hope my ideas here will help someone to light their own light and to pass it on to another. Every suggestion mention here has been tried by me. They are my own personal spirit followers. Let’s begin.


Many of us wander through life "off course." The wonderful and exciting world we once believed in is lost to us. We struggle on, full of fear. Doubts plague our minds. Our hearts are heavy.

The zest and joie de vivre have trickled to a slow drip. We are out of touch with our true, inner identity.
The springboard for interior exploration is taut. We are unsure but it's time to probe deep within, beyond the wall of our own personality, into the realms of true intellectual, philosophical and spiritual thought.
This refurbishment of the spirit makes it possible to continue as a responsive human being. Use the following steps and you'll emerge from your adventure refreshed and eager to continue life's journey.

* TIME ALONE - Cherish moments of silence and stillness. Try to be alone at least a few minutes each day. We need time to face ourselves. In today’s hectic world we keep ourselves so busy with other people, we never take time to probe within.

* REFLECT - Often we are afraid to. Psychologists and psychiatrists reveal the close ties between good mental health and self-acceptance. Find the stranger within!

* CHANGE OF ATTITUDE - Sometimes it takes a major life change to break the pattern and set us on the path to self-renewal. Such drastic changes needn't occur before you can take a look at you.

* CAST OFF OLD HABITS - Refuse to remain trapped in old habits. Broaden your scope and add spice and perhaps years to your life. Don't settle for less than you know you are capable of attaining. Loosen up those opinions and ideas!

* CHALLENGE YOURSELF - Fear dampens the spirit and destroys our courage. Keep the guiding light within burning brightly. Too often we avoid new things because we are afraid of failure.

* TAKE A RISK -Fear drains the colour from our brightest days. If we are to grow in spirit we must learn from our mistakes, and it is a life-long process. Risk means chance of failure or success.

* SPRING FORWARD - Taking a chance on life is not just a line from a song, it's REALITY. Remember that springboard I talked about earlier? If you want to attain a fuller, richer life, take a leap!

* DEVELOP A HIDDEN OR FORGOTTEN TALENT - We are never aware of the true range of our abilities until we challenge them. As we grow older we often lose the enthusiasm and energy for life we once knew.

* LET THE SPIRIT SOAR - Dig deep into the spirit for long lost motivation. When you enjoy what you are doing, new vitality will shine from within. Return to your childhood dreams and hopes. Find the key to your talents!

* TRAVEL - Familiar surroundings tend to make us less attentive. Travel renews our perception, our awareness. Pursue new interests and people.

* BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS - As we see new places and meet new people, through the act of friendship, we learn to respect their differences and this enriches our own life. Have faith in others by showing a genuine interest. Learn from all life!

* RETAIN A SENSE OF HUMOUR - Throughout it all learn to laugh at yourself and your short comings. Develop or renew meaningful relationships with other human beings and animals. Don't be afraid to give or receive love!

* LET IT BE - Above all, trust life, have faith, dream and have fun. We are all snowflakes each one unique. There has never been and never will be anyone like you. Take comfort in your spiritual repast.
The purpose of life is to matter, to have made a difference, to have shone. LIGHT YOUR LIGHT!

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