Monday, 3 October 2011

How to Stay Writing and Still Network

If writing is your life and you love it but you hate the time spent networking or thinking about networking, following people, joining groups, forums, and other social networks, then listen up.

It’s not like you don’t enjoy these sort of things, but you don’t want to take that precious time away from your writing, right? Fastest route to social networking and still being involved with your present novel, or other writing, is to start a blog.

Since you love writing you must love talking about writing. And if you love talking about writing then you surely will love writing about writing. It’s not hard to start your very own blog. Just look up blogging networks and find one you like. I chose Google Blogspot because it felt good to me. It’s comfortable and it gives me everything I need.

So decide what it is about writing that you want to talk about. You probably have tons of info in your head, stuff that you’ve discovered over the years of writing and would like to pass on to others and save them time and frustration.

It will be fun. Just think of a super name for your blog. Write down about ten and pick one…the one that grabs you the most. Decide how you want to format your blog to make it look nice. Choose colours that resonate with you and that you think are pleasing to the eye and will attract readers.

One tip I think is important is to use average font and stay away from outlandish font size and fancy-pancy stuff. In other words, make your blog readable and easy on the eye. Make it plain and simple. After all you are writing about writing, you don't want to make your readers hyper.

Once your blog is set up, add something about yourself and do a first blog on why you want to blog. For this post we are blogging to promote our writing, so write about your writing, why you write, where you write, and then add what you write.

Share your short stories and novels. Let everyone know that they are available. Now, as often as you can, write a new post.

Most importantly, share yourself, your knowledge, your books, and your time. If you feel that you have any leftover time to check out other’s blogs, then do so. It’s always nice to follow a few people and keep up with their blogs, those that interest you, but don’t always be looking for ways to promote your stuff.

Sure you want to promote, but sometimes it’s just nice to be friendly. See what others are doing and PLEASE make comments. There is nothing more discouraging than writing a blog where no one comments. It’s like talking to yourself.

I find that although I have many readers on my blog, I have few to no comments. Yes, I do find this discouraging. I find it discouraging because I am excited when I write a new post, I want to share something, and I want a response. I want to know that someone is listening, someone is reading, and stats just don’t do it. Personal comments always add to a post in a way that can flesh out your ideas.

Someone else might have a different approach to what you have written and found helpful to you. A nice comment can explain the reader’s side of your post. How they felt, if they agree or don’t agree, their personal experience on the subject. It just gets things going.

So this is my little helpful hint on how to network and still have it included in your writing day. I hope someone out there who hasn’t yet will start their blog, get excited about it. And I hope that if you already have a blog you might comment here about how you did it and why, and whether you are excited when you come up with a new post.

Let me know if you blog and get lots of comments or if you feel like I do, that maybe people read but they don’t bother to insert their own feelings into the post.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a Happy Writing and Reading Day!

I forgot to add that once you write a new post, pass it on, Twitter it, or send it off to Facebook, or Google Buzz or any number of other places. 

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