Saturday, 22 October 2011

Free for the Weekend!

Time to break away from my regular blogging and give something to you. I have decided that for the weekend I would list my newest novel Jewell for FREE! 

You can download it for FREE at Smashwords but this is only until Sunday night. 

Wondering what Jewell is all about?
Who do you believe? Your twin or your boyfriend…and what about promises that never should have been made?
Jewell Thurston is crushed when her twin sister Ruby tells her she is carrying Jewell’s boyfriend’s baby. Eric Finely tells Jewell that Ruby impersonated her, but Jewell, hurt and reeling, leaves town. A year later, Ruby dies in a car accident asking Jewell to promise to be a mother to Aster and never let Eric near the child. Jewell still has feelings for Eric and is torn. Although Eric has never gotten over his love for Jewell, his love for his daughter leads him to file for custody.
Rumours that the crash wasn’t an accident circulate then vanish. But when Twitch Mahoney sees Jewell and mistakes her for Ruby, he fears she’ll identify him from the crash site and abducts her. Can Jewell’s quick wit save her from Twitch, and will a new discovery lead her to the truth about Eric, Ruby and Aster
Set in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, it’s a reminder of what could happen when someone very close to you, who looks exactly like you, decides to be you.


All through dinner Jewell couldn’t get the conversation with Eric out of her mind. Her mom was full of questions about camp and regrets about her daughters going off to university, but Jewell couldn’t focus. Her mind kept going back to Eric’s words. After the dishes were cleared away, she hustled Ruby upstairs.
“What’s wrong, Jewell?” Ruby sounded irritated.
Jewell sat cross-legged on the bed. “I don’t know exactly,” she told her sister, “but Eric acted strange on the phone. First off he didn’t seem excited to hear from me. Then he said the strangest thing...something about his needs being sufficiently taken care of all summer. It was weird. Have you seen him any over the summer?”
Ruby had been standing by the bedroom door. She was still dressed in her work clothes, a soft green sleeveless blouse and a short, bright orange skirt that showed off her shapely legs. She now strolled to the rocker in front of the window directly across from their twin beds. They had always shared a room, but it was the biggest bedroom in the house. It used to be the master bedroom until their dad died. Then their mother moved into one of the smaller bedrooms and put the twins in the big room. She’d always used the third bedroom as her sewing room, so the twins grew up in the same bedroom, sharing everything. They’d pretty well shared everything in the outside world as well, including friends, until they started dating. Jewell had always had one boyfriend. Ruby had gone through many. Ruby shoved back a strand of her long, silky blond hair and sat in the rocker. She sighed. “Yeah, I’ve seen him.”
“Well, was he alone?”
“Sometimes. What are you getting at? Are you saying he’s been seeing someone else?”
Jewell rose and walked to the window. She chewed on her nails. “I know it’s stupid. Forget it.”
Ruby’s face tensed. “I’d like to forget it, Jewell, but the truth is I can’t.”
Jewell turned and looked at Ruby. “What?”
“You’re going to hate me, but it’s too late now.”
Jewell stared at her sister. Her face wore a look of bedazzlement. “What are you talking about? Hate you. Too late for what?”
“I’m pregnant, Jewell.”
Jewell stepped backward and sank on the bed. “Oh no. What did Mom say? Or does she know? She sure didn’t act like anything was wrong at—”
“She doesn’t know, Jewell. You’re the first one I’ve told. Look. I didn’t exactly have time off today just to pick you up. I used it as an excuse, but the truth is I left work early. After I brought you home, I saw a doctor. I’m pregnant — no doubt at all.”
Jewell sat stunned. “But, you look so calm.”
Ruby’s eyes shot back at Jewell. “What am I suppose to do, panic?”
“Yes. I would. What about university? We leave Monday.”
“You leave Monday. I was asked two weeks ago to stay on at my job permanently. I told them I’d think about it. Now I have no choice. I went back to the shop today and told them I’d stay.”
“Did you tell them you were pregnant?”
“No. They don’t need to know yet. They’ll know soon enough.”
“And the father?” Jewell asked warily. “Do I know him?”
Ruby looked nervous now. She twisted her hands and stared at the floor.
“Ruby? Do you even know who the father is?”
“Of course I know,” Ruby yelled.
“Well, are you getting married? Who is he? Do I know him?”
“I don’t know if I’m getting married. He doesn’t know yet, I told you.”
“So, do you think he would want to get married?”
Ruby jumped up. “I don’t know I said. What is this, twenty questions? I’m not sure I want to get married.”
“Ruby...the baby.”
Ruby’s usually cool blue eyes blazed. She stood facing her sister.
Jewell continued, “Surly he’ll want it...won’t he? You’ve got to get married. Mom would—”
“Jewell...the father is Eric.”

So go ahead and download and read this weekend. Happy Writing and Reading everyone!

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