Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Upon using your Imagination

Imagination is more important than knowledge...Albert Einstein 
So you wonder if you know enough to write a book? No matter if it is fiction or non-fiction, just remember that if you have a great imagination, you can always find the knowledge to put behind it. Especially today where there is the Internet. Granted libraries are a great source of information, but these days more and more people are finding more and more of their information by doing research on the Internet. Of course everything on the Internet is to be questioned. Never take your source from only one place. And if it is an important subject, follow it up by interviewing someone who is knowledgeable on that subject. Put all your research together and you will probably find in the end that you have way too much to use. But hey, that is way better than not having enough.

So you've got this great idea for a new fiction novel. It just came to you out of the blue, rushing out of your head, words tumbling through your mind so quickly that you could almost picture them falling over one another, each trying to get out of your mouth or onto your fingertips before the other. Yes, words are competitive like that. And the characters, well they sometimes just seem to be pushing and shoving each other out of the way to be the first that you write about. Funny hey?

Then all of a sudden after the rush of words and the rush to your keyboard or pen and paper, you look at what you have jotted down and you sigh. Wow, what a good beginning. Then you feel left with a hole in your gut. What now? And try as you might you can't seem to write down one more word. This of course would leave anyone frustrated. What to do now? LEAVE IT! Walk away and just leave it. It's not going anywhere, you've already captured what you knew. Go for a walk,listen to music,  bake a cake, take a long bath, read a book. (how many times have you been inspired for your own work while you were reading someone else's?) What I am trying to say here is bug off for awhile. And let the juices mingle in your mind. You know that old storyline will keep coming back to you and if you don't push it, more will leak out. You can't get blood out of a stone and you can't get inspiration out of a dry mind. As J.K.Rowling once said, "We have the power to imagine better."

Happy Writing everyone...and let that imagination loose.

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