Tuesday, 6 September 2011


So awhile back I discovered Goodreads. If you don't know what Goodreads is, well it's a place where readers and writers mingle. It's a bit like a library where you can choose a book and mark it whether you are going to read it, have read it, are in the process of reading, and then you can do a review. You can log up your books and at a glance on your dashboard you can see how many books you have in your library and how many you have read, are going to read, etc.

So this is all well and good for readers. But the other side of the coin is for writers. If you join Goodreads you can set up your very own author's page, list your very own books (that you have written) and if you are very lucky you might get noticed. And if you get noticed you might sell a few books.

At Goodreads the coin also has a third side, one I did not know about for quite sometime. I found out this info on another website, although I had noticed a place where one can upload an e-book. YES you can sell your very own books on Goodreads, just as you can on Smashwords, and also on kdp Amazon.

So if you are a reader only, you will find many many books from which to choose on Goodreads. If you are a writer, here is another opportunity to list your very own books, and have your very own author page, and also if you care to, you can sell your books straight from Goodreads. Right now they are just accepting e pub or pdf.

Personally I have not decided to list any of my books for sale on Goodreads yet. For one thing if I do decide it will have to be e pub form because I don't think many readers want to read in pdf. I could be wrong, just my opinion. So until I figure out how to make an book in e pub form, I wont' be doing it.

This blog is very simply put as to all the information and possibilities you will find at Goodreads for writers and readers.
Goodreads.com. Hop over today and see if you might find a home there. It's just another place for writers and readers to meet. Good luck and Happy Writing...and Reading!

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