Sunday, 11 September 2011

Funny How Things Run away on Themselves.

This was an amazing weekend in some respects. Yesterday when I checked my Amazon books there were 488 downloads for a short story I had just thrown on there for fun. It was actually written as a humourous story that started in my mind with, "what if?"

Anyway I looked at the downloads and thought, something is wrong here. My short story had been published for about two weeks and no sales. How could this happen all of a sudden? So I jumped over from kdp to and right away I realized what was going on.

Amazon had found my short story on another website for free and they listed it as free. Of course, it's free, why not download and read, right?

So I didn't think much of it until it kept going, getting higher and higher on the top 100 for free humour stories on Amazon. Of course this was taking it into the top 100 free kindle e books, on the overall categories list as well.

Now,  about 4000 downloads later, and this is just over twenty-four hours, my short story Foiled Again, is listed as #35 on the top 100 free kindle e books and # 3 on the top 100 free for humour. Where this is going I don't know but it is increasing my novel sales as well. Who woulda thunk it?

Don't suppose it had anything to do with the notes I've been leaving around with positive affirmation on them.

My earlier post here from July 28 Write It Down, explains what I'm talking about. Check out Foiled Again and see if you might get a chuckle. Remember, it's Free! Happy Reading and Writing everyone.

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