Saturday, 27 August 2011

Wrting about Hurricanes

Thought I would write a poem today considering the weather situation.

Not looking forward to this storm, but all I can do is lay low
Will it blow out my windows?
Will a tree fall on my car? I've moved it to a safer place in the yard
But what is really safe?

I'm cleaning things up but in my haste
What will I forget to do?
I've stocked up on water, filled the car with gas
The morning is foggy, there's dew on the grass

There's nothing to do, I've got enough food
What's all the fuss?
Just sit and wait or wait and see
We're in the same boat so many of us.

All along the Eastern Seaboard
The wind will whip, maybe thunder will roll
Tornadoes could form, rain surge will unfold.
Where yesterday the sun beamed bright
Tomorrow could be a whole different sight's hitting New York! They tell us with horror

Close down the subways, get yourself in a burrow 
Whether it's a bathtub, a shower, or a corner you go
Beware of the winds...they're gonna blow!

The tides will rip anything in their path
You'd better be strong if you want to last.
Take heed and prepare, isn't that what they say?
Get ready then hunker down, if you want to see another day

Such drama, such talk, such preparations

But in the end, the tribulations will fall where they may
We are none in control
So have a nice day while you can...take a stroll

These days we're enjoying...the calm before the storm
A time to relax? Or a time to be warned?
A time to prepare, put the yard things away
Then sit and wait, if you want you can pray

If you don't then sit still and focus on now
Hope for the best and what fate will allow. 


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