Thursday, 11 August 2011

Writing, Smashwords Forum and Amazon

I've been so busy writing and editing my novels lately that I haven't kept up here. I just want to drop by and mention a great writer's forum I've found. It's called the Smashwords Forum
and it's so very helpful. People on there talk about and have answers for so many things. For example, I am a Smashwords author and publisher but since Smashwords does not offer their books over at Amazon yet, I was thinking of publishing my books on Amazon myself. So many do it I thought it would be a breeze. 

 Unfortunately I got my wires crossed right off. Went to the Amazon website and clicked publish, of course had to join first. I was greeted by createspace and after filling out a bit of info I was asked what I wanted to publish. I looked at the list and didn't see e books, only print books. I didn't want to publish a print book but it seemed the best logical one to click. After getting so far along in the procedure, I stopped because of the payment questions and the fact that I am a Canadian, which makes for some difficulties with the IRS and a few forms to fill out. I had done this at Smashwords but it has to be done at Amazon as well.   

I believe it was round about then that I accidentally found the Smashwords Forum. I found it when I had put Smashwords into the search and saw a list of items with Smashwords in the title. I clicked on the Smashwords Forum and eventually got to their website. Right off I liked it. Lots of threads and lots of good info there. I ended up the first time on, starting a thread of my own. And I found out right away my problem at Amazon had been that I was at the wrong website for publishing an e book. Well, I went back into Amazon and tried to delete what I had started on Createspace. Couldn't do it. Sent off an e mail to support on Amazon and had e mail first thing next day, telling me that my account had been deleted. That was a relief. 

Although I've only been a member of  the Smashwords Forum for a few days, I know it's going to be a place that I can go back to often and read what others are up against or what they are doing with their books, sales, etc. It's so nice to have other Smashwords authors to discuss stuff with. So if you are a Smashwords author take a look at the Smashwords Forum and see it it's for you.

Unfortunately at the present time you can't access this site from Smashwords Website I hope that changes soon as I am sure there are a lot of Smashword (and Amazon for that matter) authors who don't even know this forum exists. There needs to be a link on for the forum.     

Hoping everyone is staying positive and writing lots! Happy Writing Everyone.

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