Sunday, 17 July 2011

Write Like You Mean It

There are a few times that we all wish we were great writers. Great artists, great something or other. But most of the time I am contented to just be me and not wish for anything super great. I believe that we all have talents, some more and greater talents than others, but it is what we do with them that counts.
I, for one, believe that whatever talent(s) a person has they need to use it. Not because anyone says so, but because it is in you and if you don't use it you will be miserable. I've seen this happen. I've seen people who have set aside there birth talents just because they didn't have time or they thought, I'm not good enough, what's the point in trying?
Just speaking for myself I have noticed that when I do things that I consider my talents then I am happier. When I write or when I paint, I get lost in time. I don't care what's for supper, I don't care if it's raining or snowing, or even sunny. I don't care because I am no longer in this world, I am in the creative world and if that is a story then I am with my characters, if it's a painting then I am in that painting. For me this is pure pleasure. So whatever you do, do it with all your being. For me it's writing like I mean it, or painting like I mean it. If no one appreciates the story or the painting, then I don't care. I do it for me, so do it for you, you will thank yourself later. Happy Writing everyone!

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