Thursday, 28 July 2011

Write It Down!

The next time you want something sooooo bad, write it down. It might seem silly to do this but what have you got to lose? I for one have to admit I have never done this. So we are in it together this time. So today I am going to start. I am going to write down a couple of things that I want, not necessarily material things. In fact I will write one right here, right now.  How much stronger can my want be than to publicly write it down?

Okay let me think...
I want to finish my painting that I started last winter. Now this may seem simplistic because today I had planned to work on the painting and finish it. But you know how one can get sidetracked and do other things. And this has happened to me too many times, that is why the painting from last winter has not been completed yet.

I have read much on writing down your goals, but been lazy to approach the idea myself. I think it's time. And if I accomplish this task today successfully I will write a comment below my blog to verify it. If i don't accomplish it, I will still write a comment. That does not mean that by writing down my want for today that the system does not work, all it means in my opinion is that I did not follow through with the good intention.

I will write more about good intentions some other time, but for now, if you read this, why not think of a want you want today or sometime in the future. And speaking of comments, I have written many blogs here and had a decent amount of viewers, rising each day, however, I have not received very many comments. So please comment below my blogs and especially today, comment with how you feel about this idea of writing things down. If it has worked for you or even if you think it is hogwash. Better still, write down something you want in the comment, something not personal that you can share, and let's see if you accomplish it. Happy Writing Everyone!

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  1. Hey I think this thing is working for me. I did finish the painting, of course you could say that was because I wanted to and was in control of what I had written down and that might be partially true. But by writing it down it made me concentrate on that one chore for the day and therefore I got it done.
    Now here is something kinda creepy or neat. Night before last I wrote down that I wanted to sell a book. Next morning I received a purchase notification in my e mail. Okay coincidence? Maybe. But last night I wrote down that I wanted to sell books and to get reviews. This morning I got two book reviews and sold another book. This writing things down thing is starting to get to me. I am starting to become a believer. Anyone else write something down and have it happen?