Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Who wants to play a game?

Does anyone remember playing certain games when they were young?  I am speaking of two in particular. One was a fun drawing game where you would take a piece of paper and start at the top. Someone would draw a head then fold the paper so the other person would only see two straight lines, then the other person would add on a neck and arms perhaps, make sure they left a couple little marks to see and follow,  fold that down and blindly the first person would add a body and fold, the next person would add legs and feet, then open the picture. It was always worth a good laugh to see a funny looking character appear. 
Another such game would be for one person to start a story, either the first line or a first paragraph and of course this time the second person got the opportunity to read the paragraph or first line then add the next line or next para, and so on and so on.
Maybe more than two people could play or be involved and let the chips of the storyline fall where they may. Both games were a lot of entertaining fun.
So would anyone like to play? If so I will write the first part, and actually I don't have any idea where this story is going myself, this is all I have ever written of it. Let's see what we can make of it if you are willing to play along with a paragraph or two.  Okay I will start:

I was born in a lighthouse.

My name is Sudershana. I was named after an Indian woman who had befriended my mother. My mother was alone and sixteen and pregnant. Her family had abandoned her and cast her out of the family. She stumbled down the road one night and fell in a ditch, she was already having contractions.

Sudershana the Indian woman found her when she was out walking and took her to a near-by abandoned lighthouse because it was the closest sanctuary around. My mother said it was a very stormy night and the waves crashed around the lighthouse and thunder and lighting lit up the inside of the lighthouse. The Indian woman had a large flashlight that she had placed on a shelf above the makeshift bed that my mother had lain on.

I was born at 1:30 in the morning and the Indian woman left my mother and me alone while she went to get her car. She drove us to her place and put my mother to bed while she washed me up and swaddled me in a towel. She handed me to my mother and mother put me to her breast.(your turn)

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