Monday, 4 July 2011

The Power of Writing

Hello everyone,
Since the title of my blog is The Positive Power of Writing, it makes sense to me to do my first blog on that very subject. So, many years ago when I was in a place in my life that didn't feel good and haunted daily by my surroundings and wishing I had wings to fly away, I started writing.
Perhaps I should clarify by saying that I started writing pretty much as soon as I can remember, little poems that graduated to songs by age nine. Later short stories. Trouble with short stories and me was that I never wanted them to end, there was always so much more I wanted to say, so I suppose what I should have been doing at the time was writing novels.
Anyway at this most distressing time of my life I clipped an ad from the newspaper, one of those, writing course things, correspondence type. I was desperate for some help in my life and thought, why not? So I took the course and I must say it was a good course. I finished it up and got my certificate. I learned a lot since I was given real assignments. I worked on many different types of writing. First assignment was to write a short story and also an article. To write an article I was taught that I needed to find a subject and then I had to call up and obtain an interview. After that I had to fine a real publisher to query.
Well this was a lot for me to take in. But all of this work assignment took my mind off my everyday pressures and issues. I would set up a time each day for "writing"...and I LIKED IT! In fact I liked it so much even though it terrorized me to think of ever calling someone and asking for an interview, I knew I had to do it, otherwise I would fall back down into the pit, and the pit was a place that I didn't like to be.
Tomorrow I will continue with this blog and explain what it felt like to make my first interview call and how that all turned out. HAPPY WRITING EVERYONE!

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